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Been without my batroom sink for a loooooooong time so today I did the deed.....I hate Plumbing..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 05 2007 02:17 GMT wifey
Yes, plumbing blows… but so does having to run to the local McDonald's when you have to go. :)
Aug 05 2007 08:07 GMT sayalio
Woow, really nice composition!
Aug 05 2007 08:45 GMT torlau PRO
This is beautifull .. with all this tooooolllllsssss.
Added to my favorite...

Aug 06 2007 10:32 GMT token
interesting photo
Aug 06 2007 22:41 GMT Peixy
hahahaah finally....it looks great!
Aug 08 2007 03:50 GMT gtc126
Great Compostion...Like the colored monkey-wrenches....I am no plumber..But I am good at making thing leak!!!! LOL!!!!!
Aug 09 2007 13:31 GMT JPHarr
Something always goes wrong, no matter how well you plan, when working on old plumbing. And you'd better know where that really old hardware store is, the one with the squeaky wooden floors and the old guy who keeps inventory in his head, for when you need a part that Home Depot never heard of...!
Last night I was putting a new 1.5-gallon toilet in at the rental house, replacing the old four-gallon toilet that was date-stamped 1950. Got the old toilet out, put the new toilet in, hooked it up and flushed it a few times ~ piece of cake, right? And then I saw that water kept oozing out from under the base. And I could hear dripping. And water kept coming. Nothing was leaking from the usual places.... What...?!
I had a second new toilet for the downstairs bathroom, so I uninstalled the one I had just put in, and when I flipped it over to check the wax ring, I found that there was a manufacturing defect in the bottom, an actual hole caused by a void in the cast porcelain. Damn!
It's so nice that even the best-known reliable brands are now also made in China, and are not so reliable anymore. =(