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This is my mother (to the right) and her little sister. The picture must have been taken sometimes between 1935 -1940. My aunt is no longer with us, she passed away 1993.
My mother celebrated her 85th birthday a month ago.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 10 2009 11:39 GMT clintonfolks
great picture.. sorry to here about your aunt.. happy birthday to your mother..
85 years young.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 10 2009 12:44 GMT SaoPaulo
lovely scene!... great to remember!
Mar 10 2009 12:50 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful memory foto ;-)))
Mar 10 2009 14:32 GMT sini
Lovely memory!:)
Mar 10 2009 18:14 GMT ETS2
clintonfolks, thank you so much for kind words. I am sure my mother will be happy for your birthday greeting. :)
Mar 10 2009 18:23 GMT ETS2
Thanks a lot SaoPaulo!
Mar 10 2009 19:04 GMT ETS2
Cooler, thank you very much :)
Mar 10 2009 19:04 GMT ETS2
sini, thank you very much :)
Mar 10 2009 19:43 GMT LadyDaisy
My dad used to say when he meets 85 years old lady - You're such a young lady - 15 years only.. to celebrate 100 ;-)
Hope she will enjoy each day of her old age in happiness!
Mar 10 2009 20:14 GMT Snappa
What a lovely Photo! Your'e so lucky to still have your Mum.
Mar 11 2009 03:10 GMT potterjo
lovely photo
Mar 11 2009 06:41 GMT MargNZ
This is a wonderful memory photo :-)
Mar 11 2009 07:03 GMT ETS2
Thank you LadyDaisy, your daddy seems to be a humorous man :) May I ask his age?
My mothers eyesight is not so good and her hips and knees aches but her mind is sharp, she remember many things better than I do, :)))
Mar 11 2009 07:09 GMT ETS2
Thank you Snappa.
Mar 11 2009 07:19 GMT ETS2
Thanks a lot potterjo!
Mar 11 2009 07:42 GMT ETS2
Thank you Margaret :)
I am interested in genealogy and have found out how important it is to save old photos. We have quite many photos of my mothers family and ancestors but just a few of my fathers family and I am always searching and hoping to find more!
Mar 11 2009 10:22 GMT LadyDaisy
He's over 50, last years he passed this magical age haha, and I made laugh then too saying "Hey Daddy You're over half the century now"
In the place where he's working people used to call him "man have a nice day" because he wishes that everyone all the time ;-)
But after words.. he's very religious man..
It's good thing Your mum is in a good emotional shape, and with You Im sure can conquer any physical problems!
Mar 11 2009 11:03 GMT jul
Beautiful souvenir... and happy birthday to your mother!
Mar 11 2009 11:07 GMT lalewa
Good memory and lovely photo...
Happy birthday to your mother!
Mar 12 2009 03:03 GMT DC2349
sweet memories.. :) I wish I had photos of my family when they were younger. They either didn't take many photos or someone else took all the photos. Nice that you have memories. :)