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Bigger than Dolly Parton size ?? ;-D
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2007 16:47 GMT charlotte
wow, i never seen that, its a cow bra!
Sep 10 2007 16:49 GMT AlisonBelinda
That's sort of kind of sad :o| I guess they must be heavy!
Sep 10 2007 16:50 GMT ETS2
Yes, thats right, she wears a bra, guess its needed or what do you think LOL!!
Sep 10 2007 16:54 GMT ETS2
I guess she is a very good cow and have a lot of milk to give!
Sep 10 2007 17:10 GMT Tavascarow
I grew up on a farm & never heard of this.
Maybe she put on some lacy underwear to attract the boys?
Sep 10 2007 18:17 GMT sini
Wow..poor cow!:)
Sep 10 2007 18:43 GMT jamaboop
What breed of cow is this? Very unusual...
Sep 10 2007 19:18 GMT ETS2
LOL, what a great thought Tavascarow! I think I have to drive the same way next weekend and find out if she has put something silky on then!!!! LOL.
Sep 10 2007 19:22 GMT lumaciel
I agree with Sini....
Poor cowl !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 10 2007 19:28 GMT ETS2
jamaboop, I found a site on internet where you can read about those cows, its written in both swedish and english. Here is the adress: http://www.aurora.komvux.norrkoping.se/komvux/biak_utr_hot/17/fjallkon.html
Sep 11 2007 14:49 GMT charlotte
amazing, there are only 2000 of these in the world!
Sep 11 2007 20:14 GMT gtc126
Well now I have seen it all...........COW BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 11 2007 20:37 GMT ETS2
Sep 12 2007 21:11 GMT martini957
GOT MILK??? I think this cow needs milking lol
Sep 16 2007 01:25 GMT snowbird
mmmmm I did get a good laugh, bravo, I won't ask for the size!!!!!
Oct 07 2007 08:13 GMT corainna
poor cows! We are so selfish, we humans! We make thi spoor animals to be bigher, to ghive us moore milk but we never think if they are happy or not! i fell so sad when i see how we went with our boots in the animals laife and how we change theyr laife just to have moore advantaje from them:(
Nov 10 2008 16:59 GMT UnbalancedForces
Those udders are huge!
Nov 10 2008 18:03 GMT ETS2