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I am tired of winter! Been snowing all day long!!! I am dreaming about green grass and flowers!! Here a picture from last summer.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 02 2009 21:05 GMT MargNZ
Lovely photo and dreams of summer for you :-)
Mar 02 2009 21:08 GMT beus PRO
Lovely work!
Mar 02 2009 21:09 GMT sini
Lovely clover!:)
Mar 02 2009 21:11 GMT otilia
wonderful flowers        
Mar 02 2009 21:16 GMT losp
All the signs of beautiful spring is near in your part
of Sweden + one's longing for the great summertime ..
Such mixed feelings over 4-season living, which I deem
as wonderful VS our 2-season in Dry (hot) and Wet (rainy)
ones .. May your heart always feel the warmth, beauty
and magic of summer, especially during winter months.
Mar 02 2009 21:31 GMT ETS2
MargNZ, ;))) sorry for complaining but for a moment I felt I had got enough of it!! Now I feel better again, lol. Going to our cabin tomorrow, will stay there during a couple of days..we need to shovel snow!!! Great excercise, no expensive gym needed!! :))
Thanks for your comment!
Mar 02 2009 21:32 GMT ETS2
Thank you beus :)
Mar 02 2009 21:33 GMT ETS2
sini, thanks a lot!
Mar 02 2009 21:33 GMT ETS2
otilia, thank you very much!
Mar 02 2009 21:34 GMT ETS2
Thank you losp for wonderful comment!
Mar 02 2009 21:45 GMT clintonfolks
Mar 02 2009 21:50 GMT ETS2
clintonfolks, thank you very much!
Mar 03 2009 00:31 GMT RachelWoods
beautiful summer flowers....lovely shot
Mar 03 2009 02:21 GMT smiles66
I too dream of warmer weather weather, sitting on the patio with friends drinking tall glasses of lemonaid. Your clover does me think of those times.
Mar 03 2009 11:31 GMT lalewa
Great work...
Mar 03 2009 17:08 GMT ShoweredInAngeldust
Lovely :)
Mar 04 2009 16:49 GMT Alhadi
Great Work
Mar 04 2009 23:12 GMT Cooler PRO
And a beautiful summer feeling here my friend, and I totally aggree with you ;-)))
Mar 05 2009 09:30 GMT gbgd
Beautiful summer foto, and the summer is coming, at least spring. Slowly working its way over Sweden!
Mar 08 2009 21:25 GMT otilia
Magnificent shot           
Mar 12 2009 03:05 GMT DC2349