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The hippo is an intriguing animal. They look dumb and slow, but can run fast and have a real mean streak in them. They are vegetarians, but those long sharp teeth aren't for eating plants... they are for dealing with unwelcome guests and other hippos.

Oh, and imagine a bunch of overweight vegetarians eating vegetation all day in non-moving water. The "processed" food makes for a disgusting, foul brown water that absolutely stinks.

Photos taken by Mrs Dragonspeed and I during our 2009 safari with Tropical Trails

For the full African Adventure see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragonspeed/sets/72157621906615382/

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2012 20:06 GMT FLUMP
What a shot - fantastic
Sep 24 2012 02:29 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Hippo legend states that after God created all of the animals the hippos pleaded to God to let them live on the bottom of rivers to hide from the other animals who laughed at their ugliness. Afraid they would eat all of the fishes, God said no. The hippos counter-offered God, promising to become vegetarians, only eat on land, open their mouths wide to the sky when they are done to show there are no fish in their mouths, and allowing fish to clean the inside of their mouths after they are done eating to show how gentle they are. God agreed and that's why hippos are river horses.
Sep 27 2012 10:58 GMT superJoan
Lovely legend...and superb shot...