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In April of 2009 we went on a 7 day safari in Tanzania. We visited Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Lake Manyara. Each area had a beauty of its own.

This is a sampling of the majestic and marvelous elephants that we saw along our journey

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2011 18:20 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful series!! That must have been a dream come true! ;-)
Nov 05 2011 18:26 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
I find I spend quite a bit of time trying to find a reason to validate a trip back. It was AMAZING.

This series is just the elephants. It's going to take SOOO long before I get all the animals posted up.
Nov 05 2011 18:56 GMT Annamaria
I certainly look forward to see more of this trip...;-))
Nov 05 2011 18:58 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
The BEST way, is to go yourself!!! :)
Nov 05 2011 19:09 GMT LizSA
this is amazing... just look at those tusks....!!
we are in South Africa, and go to the Kruger National park to see animals..
there is a few National Parks with elephant and even private game reserves..
Most of these places have the complete BIG FIVE...!!!
Nov 05 2011 19:13 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Liz - I really wanted to get down to SA. I have colleagues in Jo'burg. Unfortunately the extra cost of the flights would just have been too much!

We saw all of the big five during out trip. The only thing that we didn't get to see (and probably the reason to go back) was the Cheetah. :)
Nov 05 2011 19:25 GMT LizSA
Oh.. one do not see them often... the Leapard too.. because of the long distances to travel.....also in SA the grass are so tall we do not always see them above the grass level. we once saw only the back moving as the animal was walking... we are also not allowed off road... so you just had to sit in the car and hope for the best.
we are close to JHB.... Pretoria...!!!
Nov 05 2011 19:33 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
We got lucky on the Leopards! Two of them together on an early morning, sitting about 20-30 ft off the road in the Northern Serengeti! They played together a bit and hung out for about 15 minutes.. AMAZING!

The tall grass was one of our fears, but we were well positioned - standing through the roof of the Land Cruiser so that we could shoot into the grass.

Perhaps one day we'll get back to Africa. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.
Nov 06 2011 10:26 GMT Annamaria
I know.... but its a very expensive trip from Holland! And FT is a nice alternative to enjoy all beautiful places on the World!! ;-) But I agree: seeing it yourself is always the best.... but not always possible!!
Nov 07 2011 01:17 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Well - save those pennies (or Euro cents!) :)