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fishing sturgeon Fraser BC


Tim and his Sturgeon
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 07 2005 06:01 GMT duncan
Nice catch catch.
Jul 07 2005 07:43 GMT charlotte
Jul 07 2005 07:44 GMT rescue193uk PRO
thats some catch, did you play it well?
Jul 07 2005 09:09 GMT dem
i love storione... i love caviale
Jul 07 2005 09:25 GMT Bali
Jul 08 2005 04:43 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Jul 12 2005 17:45 GMT kosmos PRO
Great catch!
Jul 26 2005 21:09 GMT cleftref PRO
caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon
virgin sturgeon very fine fish
but virgin sturgeon need no urgin
that's why caviar a very rare dish! :)
Aug 01 2005 18:58 GMT TB
BIG fish
Oct 14 2005 00:49 GMT jimm
I saw your "sunset in the clouds" favorite, but i like this one best.
Oct 14 2005 01:36 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Thanks Jimm! I like it too. However I am able to get good photos of caught fish fairly often. Sunsets elude me all too frequently :)
Dec 16 2005 13:57 GMT bertel
too small. return it :O)/B
Aug 04 2007 14:23 GMT soldier
Fantastic catch!!!
Oct 30 2007 19:36 GMT LisaSam67
that's awesome! my only memory of Sturgeon fishing is a cold wet thanksgiving day in the San Francisco Bay..... brrrrrrrrrrr One of our party caught one though and that was way cool! good eating!!
Oct 30 2007 21:07 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
ACK!!! Eeating?!?!?

These suckers live in the Fraser river for hundreds of years eating the sewage outfall from all the cities upstream.

That, plus they are endangered. Catch and release :)