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The hippo is an intriguing animal. They look dumb and slow, but can run fast and have a real mean streak in them. They are vegetarians, but those long sharp teeth aren't for eating plants... they are for dealing with unwelcome guests and other hippos.

Oh, and imagine a bunch of overweight vegetarians eating vegetation all day in non-moving water. The "processed" food makes for a disgusting, foul brown water that absolutely stinks.

Photos taken by Mrs Dragonspeed and I during our 2009 safari with Tropical Trails

For the full African Adventure see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragonspeed/sets/72157621906615382/

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2012 03:04 GMT jomoud PRO
Magnificent shot Brian.
I remember observing these massive animals when I lived in Africa, they are quite something to see.
Sep 22 2012 08:51 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Thank you. They're really moody. One minute sitting quietly.... the next, a fight breaks out.
Sep 22 2012 09:27 GMT wijnie58
WOW Indeed Awesome series you show us....:-))
Sep 24 2012 02:13 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Thank you very much!
Sep 27 2012 10:56 GMT superJoan
WOW! feeding time.....
Sep 27 2012 14:28 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
It's hard to believe with teeth like that, that these guys are vegetarians!
Sep 29 2012 06:15 GMT sini
Great series!:)
Sep 29 2012 17:10 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Thanks man!
Sep 29 2012 19:56 GMT RainyDay
thanks for the interesting information!
Oct 03 2012 16:53 GMT Lie
Great hippo smile....
Oct 17 2012 22:00 GMT Icandoit
Excellent photograph - congratulations a job well done.
Oct 18 2012 00:40 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Thanks guys!