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I came across these two in the doorway of a closed church, when out with the camera today, they startled me at first, but advised me to check out a grave at the bottom of the graveyard.
I went around and took a few pics, then came back up to chat, the vicar who's parish owns the church, knows that these guys bed down here and in return for not throwing them out, the pick up trash and make sure the place is not broken in to. They are about as down as you can get, one needing a stick to walk, but on New Years Eve, they are heading into town, the one on the right does a few magic tricks & hopes to make a few pounds for them & they will get some hot food.
They never once asked me for anything, even though, they had been robbed in Newquay a week earlier, having thier thermos and a few posessions stolen..
I will return in the next few days, with a thermos full of hot coffee & a few supplies of candles & food..

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 30 2008 17:50 GMT Kaska
great story!
I'd gladly add another thermos of hot coffee and some goodies ...
Dec 30 2008 17:51 GMT Doody PRO
Thanks for stopping by Kaska - have a great 2009
Dec 30 2008 17:57 GMT charlotte
Its a great shot, so happy the faces!
Love your idea!
Dec 30 2008 19:18 GMT bennystr
Wonderful story and entry Pete!
Happy 2009!
Dec 30 2008 19:30 GMT Kaska
Same to you! happy 2009... may most of your wishes for that year come true!
Dec 30 2008 21:36 GMT JPHarr
You're a good man, Dood.
Dec 30 2008 22:11 GMT irajsalarvand
Happy New Year .....
nice shot and good time.....
Dec 31 2008 09:37 GMT hotrodharleys
Great pic and story...looks like they need some hot to drink..thats nice of you
Dec 31 2008 10:55 GMT gbgd
Like JPHarr: You are a good man!
Happy New Year!
Dec 31 2008 13:31 GMT jenylew

Yepp, Doods is a great dude! ;-)

Jan 01 2009 23:39 GMT marijke06
so you can create a happy 2009! :)
Jan 03 2009 01:31 GMT megmet PRO
Amen to that !

Yes I agree you are a good man, most would just have walked passed without even a word or a second glance.

Happy New Year Peter....
Jan 03 2009 03:55 GMT Londi PRO
You are a kind soul Doody! What I noticed is these gentleman's cheerful smiles. I bet they welcome your kindness.
Really touching photo my friend. Hugs!
Jan 05 2009 09:58 GMT Grain
Pete where are these poor buggers mate? Thanks for the reality jolt
Jan 05 2009 10:06 GMT Doody PRO
Grain, they are in the old Chivvy church, just off Chivvy roundabout on the Aggy road...
I left with a handshake & a smile, which just beggers belief that you can be that down & still make others laugh !!!