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The World Rally next week, This is what I live for - Will post some pics on Tuesday, if I get a chance, then I am away for a week, make sure that you all behave while I am gone & I look forward to seeing all you work when I get back
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 26 2007 21:01 GMT LisaSam67
have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and what is the World Rally!? have anything to do with vrooms by chance?

Jealous if answer is yes!
Nov 26 2007 21:05 GMT Doody PRO
Yes if you google WRC our event is WRGB, lots of the worlds best drivers thrashing million pound rally cars through the forests (stages upto 17 miles long) in the rain, mud, dark etc for 4 days .. I really am a Senior Official on the event, so get to be inches from the action ...
Nov 26 2007 21:18 GMT YesHello
nice to see you!!!
Nov 26 2007 21:22 GMT Doody PRO
Why thank you young lady ... :-)))))
Nov 26 2007 21:22 GMT Londi PRO
Woo Hoo!!! We'll look forward to some cool photos!
Nov 26 2007 21:25 GMT Doody PRO
Thats a snag Londi, we are not supposed to carry camera's...
Nov 26 2007 21:29 GMT AlisonBelinda
Hey! I am chief tea and coffee maker too! lol
Nov 26 2007 21:41 GMT JPHarr
Man! I should have kept my Honda Civic station wagon. That thing was great for our local blasting through the woods "rally races!" And if I can find those deer antlers that were taped to the hood... where did I put those? =)

Sounds like great fun! Too bad this isn't a video blog site. I love the sounds those cars make. Do you have a favorite bacon sandwich recipe to share?! :-P
Nov 26 2007 21:43 GMT JPHarr
Maybe I could enter the races in my wife's Focus...! Gotta quick get those street tires off and get some dirt tires installed. Or should I say "tyres?"
Nov 26 2007 21:44 GMT Doody PRO
One of the best is cook the bacon in the frying pan, when crisp & an egg & let it all form together - place between 2 buttered pieces of bread & ketchup & eat quick...
Nov 26 2007 21:45 GMT Doody PRO
They race the Focus, but probably not quite the same spec as the good ladies..
(one of our mates is entered in his MG Rover 25 thing in the amature class)
Nov 26 2007 21:53 GMT JPHarr
Hey, check out this vid:

I also used to abuse a Renault 5, and I'm sure I could have some fun with it like this! Darn. I shouldn't have sold that car, either....
Nov 26 2007 22:03 GMT Londi PRO
the first thing that came to mind was CRAP!! Well!! Maybe you can take a few before's .... now I had a visual of JP in a civic wagon... with antlers!!!

I have to go see what an MG Rover looks like now! I'll just say Rots of Ruck!!!
Nov 26 2007 22:19 GMT Doody PRO
Here is a link to a group N MG http://www.rallycodriver.co.uk/compcars22.htm
Here is my favourite, they banned them at national level, but still rally them at local events...http://www.mgcars.org.uk/news/news389.html
Nov 26 2007 22:24 GMT Tavascarow
Have a good time my friend.
Nov 26 2007 22:29 GMT LisaSam67
ok then i'm JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 26 2007 22:54 GMT Doody PRO
Thanks Magenta, I am really looking forward to it.. we are not allowed camera's, so if pictures appear under my name when I get home, then my camera must have accidentally fallen into my bag - lol
Nov 26 2007 23:21 GMT kimbob
nice id

Have a great time!!
Nov 26 2007 23:29 GMT hans55 PRO
sounds like great fun doody ... looking forward to your uploads !!
i had a official licence for more than 20 years ..always had fun !!!
Nov 27 2007 02:51 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Wooooooo hoooooooo let the adrenaline kick in!!!! Have a super time!!!!
Nov 27 2007 03:02 GMT JPHarr
Nov 27 2007 15:48 GMT SunnyRea
Great shot :)
Have fun at your Rally :)
We will all behave Im sure lol...maybe not ;)
Nov 28 2007 01:24 GMT JPHarr
The Ford Escort Mk 1 is a great little old skool car.