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The wild flowers are early despite the lack of rain.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 05 2011 16:32 GMT senna3
Very nice flower shot!
Aug 05 2011 16:44 GMT FLUMP
A bit of colour always brightens up the day :-)
Aug 05 2011 16:58 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter s
Aug 05 2011 16:59 GMT Donjames
It does Helen, even if its growing out the kerbside
Aug 05 2011 17:47 GMT saffi9
love the strong colour dj
Aug 05 2011 17:52 GMT nicnic1978xx
lovely wildflower don xxx
Aug 05 2011 18:06 GMT julie13
Nice photo, wild flowers are too often overlooked. This is the third time I've typed this as I am getting mauled by a 12stone rottweiller that wants his dinner, must go. :)
Aug 05 2011 19:05 GMT skyball
Brilliant colour Don...nice shot!!!!!.....
Aug 05 2011 19:19 GMT bandsix
Good shot of a simple little flower that is like a ray of sunshine on the kerb :)
Aug 06 2011 00:34 GMT Studio88
Wild - Thank You For
Your Good Wishes ;-)
Aug 06 2011 07:04 GMT Annamaria
Sunny shot with lots of shadows...nice catch!!
Aug 06 2011 08:40 GMT Papagena
I like these little suns a lot !!
Aug 06 2011 10:25 GMT MargNZ
Pretty and bright Don :))
Aug 06 2011 13:56 GMT Donjames
Thanks Dave
Aug 06 2011 13:56 GMT Donjames
Thank you Nicola
Aug 06 2011 13:57 GMT Donjames
thanks Julie, poor starved dog....hahahaha
Aug 06 2011 13:58 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff
Aug 06 2011 13:58 GMT Donjames
Thank you Barbara
Aug 06 2011 13:59 GMT Donjames
thanks Howard
Aug 06 2011 13:59 GMT Donjames
Thanks Anna-Maria
Aug 06 2011 13:59 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ruth
Aug 06 2011 14:00 GMT Donjames
Thank you Margaret
Aug 06 2011 15:50 GMT creapers
what is the matter with you african man why you say bad thins about me you no good to say thins like that why you prick on me what the matter you i like you dont like you fotos i honast commet an you no like why ave some fun you very sad man be happy come to france welli nice you be happy yes
Aug 06 2011 16:00 GMT Donjames
Firstly; I am not an African man, Im a white South African get it right you twat,
Secondly; No one can say anything good about you, you are a fool and you suck.
Thirdly; You photos are all fake from the internet, I dont believe you have the inteligence to operate a camera.
Fourthly; I would not set foot in France because of shitheads like you.
Lastly; This will be the last time I will respond to your stupid infantile comments, you are trully an inspiration to all idiots around the world.
Aug 06 2011 16:22 GMT Annamaria
You are so right, DJ!! He just wants to get attention because he normally doens't get any.... just ignore him! Thats the best.....
Aug 06 2011 16:23 GMT Donjames
Absolutely Anna-Maria
Aug 06 2011 17:46 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Nature fighting back against the concrete - very pretty!
Aug 06 2011 17:48 GMT Donjames
It is, thank you Sylvia
Aug 06 2011 20:32 GMT Adamus
Beautiful flower.
Aug 06 2011 21:24 GMT MikkiShulman
they look so determined like Foresetspirit said.you captured pretty shadows.
Aug 07 2011 07:26 GMT Donjames
Thank you Adam
Aug 07 2011 07:27 GMT Donjames
Thank you Mikki