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Good old SA. This is just the tip of the ice berg...
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 12 2012 17:11 GMT saffi9
sack them all
Mar 12 2012 17:25 GMT daveb
Being a theif is the lowest of the low!
Mar 12 2012 17:32 GMT Papagena
Other awful news !! Are they so badly paid and want to complete their salary ?? Of course this cannot be an excuse at all !!!!!!!
Mar 12 2012 18:51 GMT bandsix
And I thought it was just Great Britain that had a big problem......
Mar 12 2012 18:58 GMT psb64
not good
Mar 12 2012 19:03 GMT happysnapper
Same all over the world! Governments steal from the people,be it tax, vat or expenses!
Mar 12 2012 19:09 GMT Pea2007
This should be stopped and now.
Mar 12 2012 20:15 GMT skyball
Sounds familiar Don!!....we had similar problems here in uk!!!!......
Mar 12 2012 20:29 GMT martini957
Sad situation
Mar 12 2012 21:24 GMT superJoan
All too Familiar Don!!! The government do it every day....
Mar 13 2012 08:10 GMT Donjames
We wish Dave....but in our government its "The devil looks after its own" they always get away with it.....
Mar 13 2012 08:10 GMT Donjames
I agree with you Daveb
Mar 13 2012 08:11 GMT Donjames
Its just GREED Ruth....
Mar 13 2012 08:13 GMT Donjames
The UK is way behind in corruption Barbara...its rife here every gov dept is in financial trouble due to theft and corruption......
Mar 13 2012 08:13 GMT Donjames
So true Paul
Mar 13 2012 08:14 GMT Donjames
Its a sad world we live in Happy
Mar 13 2012 08:14 GMT Donjames
Peter it just gets worse here and they get away with it EVERYTIME
Mar 13 2012 08:15 GMT Donjames
The UK is way behind us in corruption and theft Geoff
Mar 13 2012 08:15 GMT Donjames
It is Nancy
Mar 13 2012 08:16 GMT Donjames
Its a sick and sad world Joan
Mar 16 2012 07:35 GMT legs4daze PRO
gee, don, so glad we just do not have that problem here in the states......... BITE MY TONGUE.

it must be so disheartening, really.
Mar 16 2012 09:00 GMT Donjames
It is Steph....they always plead poverty but they keep on stealing