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The weather is lousy at the moment, cold, wet and windy.
Back to messing with GIMP. FULL SIZE IS BEST.
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Comments on this photo:

May 31 2011 15:58 GMT julie13
Good effect. Julie
May 31 2011 15:59 GMT Donjames
Thank you Julie.
May 31 2011 16:08 GMT Petermosull
Great work Don, very creative. If you get a chance, take a look at Annamaria's Fotothing, and explain about Gimp to her. While I am familiar with it, I have nefer used it & I know Anna would love to be able to replicate a lot of the effects she sees used here, but doesn't have the software to do it, Thanks, Peter
May 31 2011 16:20 GMT jomoud PRO
This is terrific Don.
Excellent way to forget about lousy weather.
I know about Gimp but have never used it...I guess I should experiment with it sometime:):):)
May 31 2011 16:23 GMT Donjames
Hi Peter, Anna-Maria has one version of GIMP, she did post a couple of "fractal trace" pics she made up, she also emailed me some work she had done, I think she needs a bit more practice on it but does not have the time, I will chat to her about it. thanks for your comment too.....
May 31 2011 16:25 GMT Donjames
Thank you John, I spend hours and hours messing with Gimp, I keep finding new things to do on it, Im still learning....;-())))
May 31 2011 16:30 GMT psb64
nice one
May 31 2011 16:33 GMT sini
Nice colourful work!:)
May 31 2011 16:58 GMT Donjames
Thanks Paul
May 31 2011 16:58 GMT Donjames
Thanks sini
May 31 2011 17:10 GMT saffi9
super creative dj
May 31 2011 17:18 GMT Donjames
Thank you Dave
May 31 2011 17:25 GMT bandsix
nice work Don...sorry you're having our sort of weather of the last two weeks, but at least you can 'play' without feeling you should be out in the big outdoors!
May 31 2011 17:27 GMT Annamaria
I see that there are 2 nice man talking about me.....;-)) LOL

Peter, Don explaint GIMP to me and as he says: I don't have the time to try some new things out.... DJ is just a master in working with GIMP! I loooove his works....;-)) I don't have the patience to do it at the moment.... will give it another try some day....

I will sent you some I have made on your private account...;-))
May 31 2011 17:31 GMT Icandoit
Good effect
May 31 2011 17:34 GMT Donjames
It wont last long Barbara, at least it keeps me out the streets..hahahaha, thank you for your comment.
May 31 2011 17:35 GMT Donjames
Your man/fan club is growing Anna-Maria...hehehehe
May 31 2011 17:36 GMT Donjames
thank you Harry
May 31 2011 17:39 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Super colourful image, Don. I'm sure you have lots of fun creating them!
May 31 2011 17:41 GMT Donjames
Thank you Sylvia, I do but I spend hours on GIMP, dont get much done....hahhaha
May 31 2011 17:45 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Yes, I know what you mean. I waste enough time just taking and uploading normal photos!
May 31 2011 17:46 GMT Donjames
But its so much fun Sylvia.....
May 31 2011 18:03 GMT FLUMP
Love those colours....
May 31 2011 18:54 GMT hans55 PRO
very colorfull result my friend !!
May 31 2011 19:02 GMT Bigbear10
A wonderful effect
May 31 2011 19:20 GMT Ini
A beautiful color effect !!!!
May 31 2011 22:06 GMT Annamaria
May 31 2011 22:15 GMT megmet PRO
Nice work Don.....I love the colours!
Jun 01 2011 00:15 GMT Studio88
Very Creative ;-)
Jun 01 2011 01:11 GMT MargNZ
Don, you are the master of Gimp . This is stunning and a great way to ignore the weather outside :))
Jun 01 2011 03:12 GMT peterpinhole
This is a great way to spend a rainy day.....nice work here DJ.
Jun 01 2011 04:27 GMT thisdamphto PRO
nice work. my roommate and i really like it.
Jun 01 2011 05:37 GMT senna3
Very creative work!
Jun 01 2011 13:06 GMT skyball
Fascinating with the colours and composition Don!!!!!!......
Jun 02 2011 04:51 GMT geobak
Very good abstract photo Don.
Jun 02 2011 05:40 GMT Donjames
Thank you Helen
Jun 02 2011 05:40 GMT Donjames
thanks hans
Jun 02 2011 05:41 GMT Donjames
Thank you Tony
Jun 02 2011 05:42 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ingrid
Jun 02 2011 05:42 GMT Donjames
Jun 02 2011 05:43 GMT Donjames
Thank you Meg
Jun 02 2011 05:43 GMT Donjames
Thank you Howard
Jun 02 2011 05:44 GMT Donjames
Thank you hunju
Jun 02 2011 05:45 GMT Donjames
Thank you for your kind words Margaret
Jun 02 2011 05:45 GMT Donjames
Thank you Peter
Jun 02 2011 05:46 GMT Donjames
Thank you TDP
Jun 02 2011 05:46 GMT Donjames
Thank you Peter
Jun 02 2011 05:47 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff
Jun 02 2011 05:47 GMT Donjames
Thank you George
Jun 02 2011 08:11 GMT abojovna PRO
Very interesting result of work in GIMP!
Jun 02 2011 08:19 GMT Donjames
Thank you Claudia
Jun 02 2011 14:24 GMT martini957
WOW...so awesome
Jun 02 2011 14:30 GMT Donjames
Thank you Nancy
Jun 04 2011 17:39 GMT mbz
wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 08 2011 09:08 GMT Donjames
Thank you mbz