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Some of my alternative reading......
Have a wonderful weekend everyone........
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 03 2011 18:33 GMT mamontof
Mystic Places will be nice to read , and even better visit
Mar 03 2011 18:36 GMT Icandoit
Nice one
Mar 03 2011 18:37 GMT Donjames
If only Alex travelling is too expensive these days, our currency is worth nothing
Mar 03 2011 18:37 GMT Donjames
Thank you Harry
Mar 03 2011 18:40 GMT martini957
Great collecton of reading material...I have "The United States and Britain in Prophecy & Mystery of the Ages" : ))
Mar 03 2011 18:42 GMT senna3
Perfect entry!
Mar 03 2011 18:43 GMT Donjames
thanks Nancy, interesting stuff
Mar 03 2011 18:43 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter
Mar 03 2011 18:55 GMT rainbow71
Interesting reading.
Mar 03 2011 18:57 GMT Donjames
It is, thank you Lauretta
Mar 03 2011 19:03 GMT LizSA
Interesting subjects.......!!! apart from Alien I like them all...:-) maybe Alien when all was said and done..!
Mar 03 2011 19:04 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
An interesting selection, Don!
On the subject of UFOs, you might be interested in this item on the BBC news this morning: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12613690
Mar 03 2011 19:21 GMT bandsix
David Icke eh? ..looks like very interesting reading!
Mar 03 2011 19:22 GMT eagle4Yeschua
excuse contain esoteric books .....You be free to put it in Your life ..but not with JESUS and so not with me ...so bye...
Mar 03 2011 19:38 GMT T1MELESS PRO
You never know do you !! Great entry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 03 2011 19:48 GMT mamontof
Don YOTUBE cheaper , or even Google help me travel this days + my imagination
Mar 03 2011 21:15 GMT Annamaria
Thats quite a selection, DJ!! ;-))
Mar 03 2011 21:16 GMT elsje323
interesting selection
Mar 03 2011 21:33 GMT hans55 PRO
very interresting books !!
Mar 03 2011 21:54 GMT marijke06
tell us more about the truth :)
nice collection! :)
Mar 04 2011 00:14 GMT superJoan
Interesting choice...so very varied too..great...do you have Psychic powers and big secrets.?????
Mar 04 2011 00:33 GMT MargNZ
Interesting selection of alternative reading Don ... great entry :)
Mar 04 2011 03:53 GMT jomoud PRO
Indeed alternative:):)
With the massive expanse of the universe......we are alone????:):)
Excellent entry
Have a wonderful weekend my friend
Mar 04 2011 05:16 GMT sini
Nice book entry!:)
Mar 04 2011 10:07 GMT Donjames
Thanks Liz, its good to expand the mind and keep it open......
Mar 04 2011 10:08 GMT Donjames
Thanks Sylvia, I will certainly check the link.....
Mar 04 2011 10:10 GMT Donjames
Thanks Barbara, David Icke can be a bit off the wall but some of his research is interesting reading...
Mar 04 2011 10:33 GMT Donjames
eagle4, you have to keep an open mind; not close it to organised religion which is the biggest con ever, organised religion tells you what to believe. Do you believe in slavery? The Bible condones it!!, do you believe in stoning prostitutes? The Bible condones it!! You should open your mind to other belief systems people choose. You cannot tell others they are wrong; that is what organised religion has done to humanity, to point fingers at others who do not conform to "THE CHURCH" The only thing I do not agree with is the "anti-Christ" that is pure evil an evil religion on its own.
So please in future dont try and tell others they are wrong just because you are drawn into "YOUR" idea of how others should live their lives.
Quite frankly I'm glad to say goodbye too .I really do not need comments from hypocrites.
PS. I respect your choice of religion as you should respect other peoles choices.
This dialog is now closed.
Mar 04 2011 10:35 GMT Donjames
Thank you Timeless
Mar 04 2011 10:38 GMT Donjames
The easiest way to travel Alex....;-)))
Mar 04 2011 10:39 GMT Donjames
Thank you Anna-Maria
Mar 04 2011 10:39 GMT Donjames
Thank you elsje
Mar 04 2011 10:40 GMT Donjames
Thanks hans
Mar 04 2011 10:41 GMT Donjames
Thanks Marijke, the books should be available at your local library.....:-))
Mar 04 2011 10:43 GMT Donjames
Thanks Joan, No Psychic powers, secrets hmmmm maybe...;-()))))
Mar 04 2011 10:43 GMT Donjames
Thank you Marg...
Mar 04 2011 10:44 GMT Donjames
Thank you John, alone? I dont think so......
Mar 04 2011 10:45 GMT Donjames
Thank you sini
Mar 04 2011 10:45 GMT Donjames
Thank yuo hunju
Mar 04 2011 10:57 GMT skyball
Interesting reading Don...where is fire in the sky!!!!!!:-))...
Mar 04 2011 11:01 GMT Donjames
Thanks Geoff, I have books in every room and horribly mixed up and titles I cant always remember.....gotta look for that one...;-()))
Mar 04 2011 11:20 GMT mbz
Mar 04 2011 11:24 GMT Donjames
Thank you mbz
Mar 04 2011 15:53 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 04 2011 16:00 GMT Donjames
Thank you aquiles
Mar 04 2011 19:25 GMT FLUMP
Fascinating subject Don...i'm with you on this one.
Mar 04 2011 20:38 GMT Annamaria
You are a man of my heart!! Everybody should be free to choose and respect the choice of someone else.....
Mar 05 2011 07:41 GMT Donjames
Thanks Helen, I believe an open mind is a healthy mind....x
Mar 05 2011 07:59 GMT Donjames
Thank you Anna-Maria, it all boils down to respect thats all. A closed mind can be dangerous to oneself and others, its important to understand the universe, cultures and choices, everyone is here for a purpose and the universe has a role for everyone. I can go on and on so thats it for now.....x
Mar 05 2011 12:25 GMT soldier
Stunning selection ... The book is man's best friend... really stunning and amazing entry for today’s theme my friend!!!!!!
Mar 05 2011 12:26 GMT Donjames
Thanks Agoston
Dec 13 2012 23:01 GMT julie13
This is a nice collection, I love trawling the internet for the paranormal :)
Dec 13 2012 23:10 GMT Donjames
I do to...when I have the time...thanks Julie