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Comments on this photo:

Jan 02 2012 17:59 GMT bandsix
Looks a bit like a forerunner of the Hummer....can't imagine why people pay fortunes for them!
Jan 02 2012 19:36 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Barbara... Great series...!!
Jan 03 2012 01:34 GMT martini957
Very nice
Jan 03 2012 04:43 GMT laurab1
Great series, and excellently captured !
Jan 03 2012 12:27 GMT Donjames
Thanks Barbara, they are just gas guzzlers and quite ugly to look at
Jan 03 2012 12:28 GMT Donjames
Me too, Thanks Wijnie
Jan 03 2012 12:28 GMT Donjames
Thanks Nancy
Jan 03 2012 12:28 GMT Donjames
Thank you Laura
Jan 03 2012 14:10 GMT Milibuh
Great series...
Jan 03 2012 14:41 GMT skyball
A nice one for the series Don!!!!.....
Jan 03 2012 15:24 GMT Donjames
thank you Milibuh
Jan 03 2012 15:24 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff
Jan 03 2012 15:30 GMT biggles
From my experience of German military vehicles this doesn't look like an actual marque from WWII. Maybe a fanciful colour scheme by its' owner...although I can't see why one would want to ally oneself with the Wehrmacht!
Jan 03 2012 15:32 GMT Donjames
I have no idea Ralph, a bit before my time..;-))
Jan 03 2012 15:37 GMT biggles
...and mine too. But I was madly into the machinery of the 3rd Reich when I was a kid, lots of plastic models of panzers and half tracks and aircraft...oh, and battleships.
Jan 03 2012 16:02 GMT Donjames
All I know about this is what I see in displays, just interesting to see what was used during those years
Jan 03 2012 16:59 GMT will
it looks just a little German....)
Jan 03 2012 17:03 GMT will

Iiiiii doubt that it is air conditioned but a great beach cruiser no doubt!!! lol a great conversation starter lol
Jan 03 2012 17:05 GMT Donjames
thanks Will, it does rather...
Jan 03 2012 17:06 GMT Donjames
Of course its air conditioned the roof comes off..........hahahaha
Jan 03 2012 17:23 GMT will
I guess they thought ahead!!kind of like a bikini huh don??lol
Jan 05 2012 14:09 GMT Donjames
You got it Will.....