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One of the many types of "FYNBOS" in the Cape.
# 10

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Rural folk have long known fynbos for its poor grazing quality and its soils for having little agricultural value. The vegetation's apparent worthlessness may explain the origin of the term, "fynbos". The term has been used since the time of the Dutch settlement at the Cape. The predominant vegetation on the Cape Peninsula had timber too fine and slender for harvesting (for building) and was thus given the name "fijnbosch". The name may also refer to the dominance of small- or fine-leafed shrubs.

To many people, fynbos is merely seen as the drab covering on mountain slopes. At a distance fynbos does seem like inconspicuous clumps of spiky grass. It is only when you experience it closely that you discover the rich variety of its exquisite flowers.

So special is the Cape Floral Kingdom that it has been designated as one of the earth's six plant kingdoms, alongside for instance, the Boreal Forest Kingdom. It is the smallest Floral Kingdom in the world and in quite a league of its own. The Cape Floral Kingdom contains 526 of the world's 740 erica species, 96 out of the world's 160 gladiolus species and 69 proteas out of 112 on earth.

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2012 09:57 GMT 25barb
Wonderful notes and wonderful photo. It is lovely - with rich colors and great lighting
super in full screen....
Aug 01 2012 10:25 GMT Papagena
I agree with 25barb !! Anyway I like to discover each country's flowers and plants !! Thanks also for these interesting informations Don!!
Aug 01 2012 10:45 GMT MargNZ
Impressive numbers and beautiful plant life of the Cape ... interesting info Don :)
Aug 01 2012 12:21 GMT martini957
Interesting plant and beauty
Aug 01 2012 15:51 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Really interesting! Thanks for the info and link - well worth looking at!
Aug 01 2012 16:02 GMT skyball
Interesting shot and text Don!!!!!......
Aug 01 2012 18:16 GMT Lie
Een bos fijne bloemetjes dus....Just like we can tell in Dutch....
Aug 01 2012 19:33 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful little flowers...:-))
Aug 01 2012 20:36 GMT elsje323
interesting image
Aug 02 2012 04:27 GMT Annamaria
Lovely little flowers...
Aug 02 2012 06:25 GMT Donjames
Thank you Hunju
Aug 02 2012 06:26 GMT Donjames
Thank you Barb
Aug 02 2012 06:27 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ruth, its a pleasure
Aug 02 2012 06:27 GMT Donjames
Thank you Margaret
Aug 02 2012 06:27 GMT Donjames
Thank you Nancy
Aug 02 2012 06:28 GMT Donjames
Thank you Sylvia, Im glad you enjoyed it
Aug 02 2012 06:28 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff
Aug 02 2012 06:29 GMT Donjames
Thank you Lie...;-)
Aug 02 2012 06:29 GMT Donjames
Thank you Wijnie
Aug 02 2012 06:29 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ida
Aug 02 2012 06:30 GMT Donjames
Thank you Anna-Maria