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Tags shipwreck


This shipwreck broke into 3 on Friday evening during a storm, The Seli 1 a Turkish bulk carrier ran aground in September 2009. We were assured all the oil had been pumped out but surprise surprise the beach was black on Saturday morning, crews have been working flat out to clear the oil and have done a wonderful job so far. See my link to original photograph
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 04 2011 14:44 GMT nicnic1978xx
great shot very different to the orignal x
Sep 04 2011 14:46 GMT Donjames
Thanks Nicola, yup not much left
Sep 04 2011 14:59 GMT Petermosull
Great image, I hope the clean up is successful & there is no risk to the local wild life
Sep 04 2011 15:03 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter m only one seal has been found dead on the beach so far, we are all woried about the bird colony on Robben Island a mere 11km away
Sep 04 2011 15:57 GMT saffi9
interesting shot hope it cleans up
Sep 04 2011 16:05 GMT Annamaria
The other picture is from years ago, DJ!! Did they leace the shpwreck there all the time??
Sep 04 2011 17:15 GMT bandsix
Thank goodness there is minimal damage to wildlife...although one dead seal is one too many:))
Sep 04 2011 17:18 GMT Papagena
Hmm this shows again that Authorities are rarely resp. never credible !!! ;~((
Sep 04 2011 17:19 GMT senna3
A documentary photo!
Sep 04 2011 17:43 GMT elsje323
great image
Sep 04 2011 18:36 GMT Donjames
Thanks Dave, they have done a stirling job so far
Sep 04 2011 18:37 GMT Donjames
Yes Anna-Maria, they have been cutting it up bit by bit and removing it
Sep 04 2011 18:37 GMT Donjames
I agree Barbara
Sep 04 2011 18:37 GMT Donjames
I agree Ruth
Sep 04 2011 18:37 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter
Sep 04 2011 18:38 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ida
Sep 04 2011 18:57 GMT Xaragma
Good documentary, Don - they have done well to clean up the oil...
Sep 04 2011 18:59 GMT skyball
Bad luck Don..lets hope it is soon sorted..great shot though!!!!!.....
Sep 04 2011 18:59 GMT Donjames
Thanks Steve, I was amazed at how much they have achieved in such a short space of time....
Sep 04 2011 19:01 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff, they are doing a sterling job with the clean up but there is still the odour of oil in the air
Sep 04 2011 21:08 GMT lossieloon
Great shot Don, lets hope their speedy work does the job. Well done them
Sep 05 2011 02:09 GMT hans55 PRO
great informative series Don !
Sep 05 2011 07:14 GMT Donjames
Thanks Chris..
Sep 05 2011 07:14 GMT Donjames
Thanks hans, Blouberg is just up from where you will be staying
Sep 05 2011 07:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks hunju
Sep 05 2011 09:38 GMT caferr
great composition...
Sep 05 2011 10:09 GMT sunrise99
very good report!
Sep 05 2011 15:49 GMT kazzy49
fantastic shot
Sep 05 2011 16:19 GMT Donjames
Thank you caferr
Sep 05 2011 16:19 GMT Donjames
Thank you Alex
Sep 05 2011 16:20 GMT Donjames
Thank you Kazzy
Sep 07 2011 06:10 GMT MargNZ
It is so sad to loose a ship to the sea . I hope they can clean it up quickly Don .
Sep 07 2011 08:04 GMT Donjames
It is Margaret....they have done a sterling job so far, most of the oil is gone now but there are fears of further spills...;-(