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Demi went for her yearly shots and a check up today, she would not pose for the camera. She is totally brassed off with us today. Vet says she is in perfect condition.
Photo; Nokia 5230 mobile phone.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 11 2011 13:28 GMT julie13
There is nothing like a trip to the vets for my Rottweiler to prove what a big baby he is. When he cut his foot, he had to go back every couple of days for dressing changes and as long as he got his two favourite nurses he was ok, but anyone else and he got upset and would refuse to budge from the waiting room. Pets dont realise that paying the bill is the most painful part of the visit.
Aug 11 2011 13:35 GMT Donjames
I agree about the bill Julie, but they are worth every penny I think, Demi does not enjoy the trip to the vet. Strange how animals choose their favourite people.
Aug 11 2011 13:41 GMT skyball
Pets dont like vets:-((....nice catch Don!!!!!....
Aug 11 2011 13:50 GMT sheasoru68
Vets and water are totally off limits for our feline or canine friends.
Aug 11 2011 14:02 GMT elsje323
indeed cats don't like vets
Aug 11 2011 14:16 GMT bandsix
I am so glad she is in perfect health Don.....you couldn't ask for more!! :))
Aug 11 2011 14:34 GMT hans55 PRO
i think its our duty to take good care of our pets ...its our choice that they live with us ..not theirs !! :-)
Our Binky is always very scared when visiting the vet !!!
Aug 11 2011 14:34 GMT peterpinhole
Great for a phone shot.... nice to hear Demi is in top form:)
Aug 11 2011 14:46 GMT nicnic1978xx
glad your cat is in perfect health xx
Aug 11 2011 15:22 GMT superJoan
Don we were in town the other day and a Labrador was refusing to go anywhere, he dug his paws in and pulled his owner the other way...we asked what was wrong, they were getting near to the vets door..!!!!!! and what is more, they were not even visiting the vet...how lovely our animals are.....
Aug 11 2011 16:04 GMT Donjames
thanks Geoff, nope they dont
Aug 11 2011 16:05 GMT Donjames
Normal is it not Joe..;-))
Aug 11 2011 16:05 GMT Donjames
Nope they dont Ida
Aug 11 2011 16:06 GMT Donjames
thanks Barbara, yup Im happy
Aug 11 2011 16:07 GMT Donjames
It is totally our responsibility hans, try giving Binky a huge treat before and after
Aug 11 2011 16:09 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter pin, and its only a 2mega pixel camera. Forgot the camera at home ;-((
Aug 11 2011 16:09 GMT Donjames
Thank you Nicola...
Aug 11 2011 16:11 GMT Donjames
Thats a lovely story Joan, Demi vanishes like magic when the red basket appears. They are indeed lovely...;-))
Aug 11 2011 17:05 GMT Papagena
I remember very well, it was above all on the way to the vet that my cats were crying like a baby!!......

Some weeks ago a woman was in the bus, and her cat did the same. People did look around to find the reason as she had put the box under her seat.

Anyway there are also persons who don't either like to go to the doctor.........

Aug 11 2011 17:09 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ruth,
Demi also "sings" in the car on the way to the vet but gives up after about 10 mins. Im not one for visiting the doctor either.....
Aug 11 2011 18:33 GMT FLUMP
That really made me laugh!!! None of mine like the vets - and i don't think singing covers it!! Mine usually 'sing' so much they make them selves sick. Last time i took Onion we had to tip the box up side down to get him out and then he went straight back in and presented the vet with his rump!!!
Aug 11 2011 21:50 GMT MargNZ
Great that Demi is in fine form Don :)
Aug 12 2011 07:15 GMT Donjames
Helen at least our animals give us a laugh, as you can see Demi also turns her back to the vet.
Aug 12 2011 07:17 GMT Donjames
It was a relief to hear her say Demi is in perfect condition, thanks Margaret