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Todays stroll along the beach front....please view full size.
The tide was out so the lagoon level was really low.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 18 2012 18:02 GMT yvonNL
great view
Mar 18 2012 19:31 GMT FLUMP
i think i'd like one!
Mar 18 2012 20:22 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful beach view Don...:-))
Mar 19 2012 05:40 GMT Annamaria
They all look nice, but so close to eachother....
Mar 19 2012 17:12 GMT elsje323
great to live on the beach
Mar 19 2012 21:27 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Looks like a great place to hang out, I could do with a couple of weeks there myself :-))
Mar 19 2012 22:06 GMT MargNZ
Delightful beach to wander along Don :)
Mar 20 2012 18:19 GMT saffi9
lovely shot don
Mar 21 2012 06:22 GMT Donjames
Thank you Yvon
Mar 21 2012 06:23 GMT Donjames
Me to Helen but the budget thinks otherwise..;-(
Mar 21 2012 06:24 GMT Donjames
Thank you Wijnie
Mar 21 2012 06:25 GMT Donjames
they are nice Anna-Maria, its a complex all the houses are very close just like the one we are moving to...modern living all on top of each other....
Mar 21 2012 06:26 GMT Donjames
It is Ida, our new house is not as close to the beach but 5 mins by car.....
Mar 21 2012 06:30 GMT Donjames
Its my favourite spot Jim, we are moving to Gordons Bay next month I will have to seek out another favourite spot.

Mar 21 2012 06:31 GMT Donjames
My favourite spot this Margaret
Mar 21 2012 06:32 GMT Donjames
Thanks Dave.
Mar 21 2012 06:43 GMT hans55 PRO
sure is a nice beach ... you will find another spot at Gordonsbay for sure !!!
Mar 21 2012 06:46 GMT Donjames
The best beach Hans, Im sure I will...there is a beach called BIKINI BEACH in Gordons Bay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 21 2012 09:25 GMT skyball
Have you tried beach combing with a metal dectector Don!!..very absorbing and interesting!!..and sometimes lucrative!!!!......
Mar 21 2012 14:59 GMT hans55 PRO
we haved missed that one !!! :-(
Mar 21 2012 16:46 GMT martini957
Cool to see
Mar 22 2012 13:01 GMT Donjames
Not yet Geoff...I should try it who knows what one could find maybe enough to finance a really nice camera....?? ;-() ??
Mar 22 2012 13:01 GMT Donjames
I will post pics for you Hans...;-))
Mar 22 2012 13:02 GMT Donjames
Thanks Nancy
Mar 22 2012 17:00 GMT skyball
You never know!!..:-))....my best find was an 18k ring!!......
Mar 25 2012 06:53 GMT Donjames
You have sold me on this idea Geoff
Mar 25 2012 10:10 GMT skyball
Pleased to hear it Don!!...apart from coins,rings etc...there could be "amber"."jet"."fossils"...for which you do not need a dectector...and the best time to do this is just after sunrise!!...so dont forget your camera!!..happy hunting!!:-)),,,
Mar 25 2012 12:16 GMT Donjames
As soon as I have the time Geoff....;-)