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Hello all I'm back, it took a rather long time to unpack (still not finished) and to get internet re installed.

The new view...out with the sea views in with the mountain views.
Please try full size..

I am still using the old Sony my camera is still in for repairs almost two months now "KODAK" sucks.....no wonder they went out of business
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Comments on this photo:

May 07 2012 17:04 GMT bandsix
Amazing...I just had a look at your profile to see when you were last on line...that must be an hour or so ago!!
Who needs sea views when you have the mountains? I hope you and Demi will be very happy in your new home!! :)
May 07 2012 17:08 GMT Donjames
I love it here Barbara should have done it years ago, the people are just so friendly here. Demi is not impressed with the lawn had her out a few days ago and she just stood still she hated the feel of the grass underfoot. It is her first encounter with a lawn.
May 07 2012 17:09 GMT bandsix
She'll come round....:))
May 07 2012 17:12 GMT Donjames
Yup she will...
May 07 2012 21:17 GMT MargNZ
Welcome to your new home Don ... beautiful mountains behind the town :)
May 08 2012 19:00 GMT Annamaria
Welcome to your new place, DJ!! It sounds like you will be happy here!! ;-)
May 11 2012 13:49 GMT Donjames
Thank you Margaret, we are surrounded on one side I will need to spend a day or two capturing them...
May 11 2012 13:50 GMT Donjames
Thank you Anna-Maria, we should have moved here years ago, its a really lovely place the people are just so nice and friendly