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Good old SA....
A bit fuzzy but readable...try full size
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 11 2012 14:53 GMT Annamaria
I guess they better start excercising soon!! ;-)
Mar 11 2012 15:04 GMT Papagena
Not really reassuring at all, indeed !! Better to have some smattering yourself Don !!
Mar 11 2012 16:11 GMT bandsix
Now that's what I call frightening.......
Mar 11 2012 20:07 GMT skyball
Dont sound too good Don!!..lets hope it gets sorted asap......
Mar 11 2012 20:18 GMT MargNZ
Alarming audit results Don !
Mar 11 2012 21:53 GMT hans55 PRO
thats where audits are for ...very bad result ..some work to do !!
Mar 11 2012 22:10 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Annamaria Don.!!!
Mar 12 2012 16:25 GMT Donjames
They dont have the brains Anna-Maria, some of our police can't even read or write....
Mar 12 2012 16:30 GMT Donjames
I wanted to buy a gun but getting a licence is almost impossible. All gun owners had to re apply for licences and 90% were rejected because the stupid government said there are too many guns on the street, you can buy a gun on street corners here and very cheap. They are stolen from the police vaults where the legal guns are stored. The one's ordinary citizens had to hand over
Mar 12 2012 16:32 GMT Donjames
It is Barbara, these fools shoot anyone. Recently two school children were shot..."by accident" the police officers were student officers and should not have been carrying firearms....??????
Mar 12 2012 16:33 GMT Donjames
Not with this government Geoff......they are so busy lining their pockets they dont really know what is going on here
Mar 12 2012 16:34 GMT Donjames
It is Margaret...scary!!!!
Mar 12 2012 16:34 GMT Donjames
Yup there is Hans
Mar 12 2012 16:35 GMT Donjames
Thanks Wijnie
Mar 12 2012 17:27 GMT daveb
The expression "Shot himself in the foot" comes to mind
Mar 13 2012 08:17 GMT Donjames
hahaha so true Daveb