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This is the the Dakota I was allowed on board on the quiet....;-))
Full size is best....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 11 2011 08:04 GMT Pea2007
A neat looking plane ,I can remember flying on one of those many many years ago.
Dec 11 2011 08:17 GMT Donjames
Peter there were 8 at the show parked all over the place....my dad came to SA from Scotland on one of these, a four and a half day journey in 1948
Dec 11 2011 08:26 GMT hans55 PRO
this one with modified engine .. 5 blades ..normal 3 ! ... the DC3 is the same size of the engine from a MD11 !! .... you cant imagine to fly four and a half day ...it takes 11 hours now to fly from Amsterdam to CapeTown !
Dec 11 2011 08:32 GMT Donjames
I think this is the turbo prop engine Hans, they removed the old piston engines as they were unable to get spares for them.
My Dad said it was hell flying all that time and they got stuck in Cairo and no aircon those days, they were not allowed to get off the plane either so they just had to deal with the heat until the plane was repaired and they could take off again....
Dec 11 2011 08:49 GMT Annamaria
I can't imagine flying 4 1/2 days!! I think 12 hours already is such a long time!!

It looks like this plane has sattelite televison....;-) I guess that is needed while flying so long...;-)
Dec 11 2011 10:02 GMT Donjames
It must have been hell Anna-Maria.....that is the radar Anna-Maria
Dec 11 2011 11:46 GMT Annamaria
Dec 11 2011 12:39 GMT wijnie58
Great picture...:-))
Dec 11 2011 17:47 GMT Xaragma
My first flight was on a Dakota (I think - it was a long time ago :)) - this one has 5-bladed props, common on some of the regional planes here (Fokkers, I think)??
Dec 11 2011 23:18 GMT junne PRO
they brought us food and medicine to berlin during the blockade
Dec 13 2011 02:15 GMT Donjames
Dec 13 2011 02:16 GMT Donjames
Thank you wijnie
Dec 13 2011 02:17 GMT Donjames
Steve these enjines were fitted as the spares for the original piston engines were no longer available...was yours a long flight?
Dec 13 2011 02:18 GMT Donjames
Junne they really were the workhorses during the war...
Dec 13 2011 03:41 GMT larrybenedict
I enjoyed reading the comments.
Dec 13 2011 04:03 GMT Donjames
I'm glad you did
Dec 16 2011 17:16 GMT Xaragma
Thanks Don - I saw Hans55 & your earlier comments on the replacement engines too. That flight was from a country town to the capital, so only 100 miles or so, across water mostly.
Dec 16 2011 17:50 GMT Donjames
Must have been fun Steve