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Today while doing some dishes Demi wanted to play with the water drops so I decided to photograph the drops and these two caught my eye after viewing them on the pc, I found them to be be very weird. Strange after my Dad told me when he is alone in the house he feels he is being watched....??
I see a man on the left and maybe a cat on the right...??
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 23 2013 21:52 GMT Esben
stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 23 2013 21:57 GMT Donjames
Thanks Esben
Sep 23 2013 22:01 GMT Esben
Do you have some ghost I your house ?? I am speechless!!!
Sep 23 2013 22:04 GMT Donjames
It seems like it Esben....
Sep 24 2013 02:22 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I agree with you Don !!! great work !
Sep 24 2013 05:53 GMT MargNZ
Amazing captures and kind of spooky too Don :)
Sep 24 2013 05:58 GMT twsottawan PRO
Not sure what the point of this double image is. What sort of liquid is this again, looks almost like plastic or solidified milk.
Sep 24 2013 07:08 GMT superJoan
Yes Don I see the man and cat....I have tried to photograph water droplets but have not as yet been very sucessful
Sep 24 2013 10:11 GMT elsje323
wonderful shot
Sep 24 2013 13:54 GMT happysnaper
Great work Don
Sep 24 2013 13:54 GMT wijnie58
A fantastic effect, Don..:-))
Sep 24 2013 17:53 GMT bandsix
Well it's obvious...it's you and Demi !!
Sep 24 2013 21:27 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
How fascinating, Don! Yes, I see the man and the cat too. Perhaps you can get some more captures like this...
Sep 25 2013 14:43 GMT julie13
I have a photo of Storm, 10 weeks after he died. He is looking out of the window upstairs.
Two days later his mum Jess died from cancer. I believe he was waiting for her.
Sep 26 2013 19:47 GMT Donjames
Thanks Jim
Sep 26 2013 19:47 GMT Donjames
Hehehe Thanks Margaret
Sep 26 2013 19:50 GMT Donjames
Hi twsottawan....if you read my explanation you would realise it was water or are you just stupid...no need to be rude just wake up fool
Sep 26 2013 19:51 GMT Donjames
Thanks Joan...keep at it
Sep 26 2013 19:51 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ida
Sep 26 2013 19:51 GMT Donjames
Thanks Happy
Sep 26 2013 19:52 GMT Donjames
Thanks Wijnie
Sep 26 2013 19:52 GMT Donjames
Hahahaha thanks Barbara
Sep 26 2013 19:54 GMT Donjames
Thanks Sylvia....I have a load of them I set the camera on rapid shoot but none are this interesting...I will keep trying though
Sep 26 2013 19:55 GMT Donjames
Its weird Julie...at least we know they are there
Sep 27 2013 13:52 GMT Papagena
Fantastic catch of these funny and even scary waterdrops Don !! Incredible that one looks like a man and the other like a cat..........
Sep 28 2013 16:21 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ruth. It is weird
Oct 26 2013 19:29 GMT abojovna PRO
Fantastic photos, surprising faces!
Oct 26 2013 19:40 GMT Donjames
Thanks Claudia...yes I agree