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No prizes for guessing what I'm/we are up to.........
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 14 2011 12:23 GMT Sheila PRO
I love the look on the cat's face - obviously doesn't get enough attention when you're on Fotothing!
Oct 14 2011 12:26 GMT Foggydew
the cat is a star - fine image :)
Oct 14 2011 12:31 GMT Donjames
hahaha Thanks Shiela, I just had to insert her pic for some class.......
Oct 14 2011 12:31 GMT Donjames
hahaha Thanks Fd
Oct 14 2011 13:09 GMT skyball
Nice one Don!!..you look deep in thought..and that little old puss is wondering what is going on:-))....
Oct 14 2011 13:16 GMT Donjames
Thanks Geoff, just perusing ft....i had to add Demi she is part of my daily life too...;-())
Oct 14 2011 13:43 GMT superJoan
As all of us, waisting time on fotothing, or so my husband calls it...me...I love my computer...and continue to spend a lot of time in the office....
Oct 14 2011 14:45 GMT jomoud PRO
What would life be if we did not waste some of it on FT?????
Terrific shot and entry Don.
Have a great happy weekend my friend
Oct 14 2011 15:11 GMT bandsix
Love Demi's face....not into FT as much as you, obviously!!
Oct 14 2011 15:42 GMT elsje323
great entry
Oct 14 2011 16:35 GMT sider
Great daily life, Don. Fine!!... ';))
Oct 14 2011 17:13 GMT Annamaria
Of course Demi had to be added.... just like I did with Gizmo...;-))
Oct 14 2011 17:21 GMT senna3
A nicely composed shot, great entry!
Oct 14 2011 18:38 GMT sini
Great dailylife entry!:)
Oct 14 2011 19:14 GMT Donjames
Thanks Joan, I have been online all day now........better get something to eat......
Oct 14 2011 19:16 GMT Donjames
Absolutely John....and thanks, you too have a great weekend
Oct 14 2011 19:20 GMT Donjames
Thanks Barbara, she gets upset at times, I should be playing with her instead but she does have a basket in the room where she curls up
Oct 14 2011 19:21 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ida
Oct 14 2011 19:21 GMT Donjames
Thanks sider
Oct 14 2011 19:22 GMT Donjames
Of course yes Anna-Maria they are part of our lives, our bosses in fact
Oct 14 2011 19:23 GMT Donjames
Thank you Peter s
Oct 14 2011 19:24 GMT Donjames
Thank you sini
Oct 14 2011 19:48 GMT abojovna PRO
Hi, Demi! Lovely dailylifefriday entry! Not surprising :-)
Oct 14 2011 19:49 GMT LizSA
yep, online, FT is addictive..... Love the little cat face there... she is so well known on FT....Demi... Hello Don... great entry... just love it.
Oct 14 2011 20:10 GMT Pea2007
Demi looks like a golden angel....what about you Don , looks like another busy day.
Oct 14 2011 21:00 GMT FLUMP
nice one Don and so true....i spend hours on here and never even thought about it!!!!!
Oct 14 2011 21:55 GMT martini957
Great one my friend
Oct 14 2011 22:03 GMT wijnie58
Great entry and the cat is beautiful....
Oct 15 2011 00:37 GMT peterpinhole
Great entry DJ !
I love the cat there.... and Sheila's comment:)
Oct 15 2011 07:12 GMT Donjames
Thank you kindly Claudia
Oct 15 2011 07:13 GMT Donjames
Thank you kindly Liz....x
Lekker bly julle...
Oct 15 2011 07:14 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter, just doing FT as usual
Oct 15 2011 07:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks Helen, some days Im on before sunrise and before I know it its dark again and nothing gets done......so what!!!!!!! :-())
Oct 15 2011 07:16 GMT Donjames
Thank you Nancy
Oct 15 2011 07:16 GMT Donjames
Thank you Wijnie
Oct 15 2011 07:17 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter pin...;-())
Oct 15 2011 10:54 GMT julie13
Demi steals the show :)
Oct 15 2011 11:04 GMT Ada90
Ha ha very nice shot for this theme.
Oct 16 2011 06:10 GMT MargNZ
This is a great entry Don :))
Oct 16 2011 13:38 GMT Donjames
:-()) Thanks Julie
Oct 16 2011 13:39 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ada
Oct 16 2011 13:39 GMT Donjames
Thank you Margaret ;-)
Oct 16 2011 15:54 GMT Xaragma
I like Demi just in the corner :)
Oct 16 2011 16:25 GMT Donjames
;-()) Thanks Steve, she gets all the attention.
Oct 22 2011 06:40 GMT legs4daze PRO
hah! look at you go! love all the stickie notes on the monitor, we mustn't forget the little details ;o))
Oct 22 2011 06:46 GMT Donjames
hahahaha, thanks Steph, if I dont stick notes on the monitor I forget stuff, my brain seems to be out to lunch more often these days......;-())