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These are the jeans I wearing when I was mugged on a visit to my late mom in hospital in Johannesburg Nov 2007 just a month before she passed away. I spent 4 days in hospital and lost the sight in my right eye caused by trauma to the side of my head.
The shirt I was wearing was ripped from my body never to be found.
The pocket of the jeans was ripped to get at my wallet.
I included detail of the name of the jeans as I think it so apt now....."broken stitches"
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 12 2011 12:18 GMT Papagena
What a sad memory and history Don !! I know you left Johannesburg because of the insecurity in this town......

Have you lost the sight of the right eye for ever ??
Aug 12 2011 12:25 GMT skyball
Sad story Don!!...i hope things are alot better now!!!!....
Aug 12 2011 12:34 GMT senna3
What a terrible experience and memory. How courageous to let revive that incident by posting this picture.
Aug 12 2011 12:39 GMT martini957
Horrible experience to have endured
Aug 12 2011 12:42 GMT nicnic1978xx
aww how sad .... hope your better now .... xxx
Aug 12 2011 12:45 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ruth, yes the retina has died off due to a bloodclot....;-(
Aug 12 2011 12:46 GMT Donjames
Thanks Geoff, Im over it thanks I am now quite used to the one eye now
Aug 12 2011 12:47 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter s I keep the jeans as a reminder of how fragile life is
Aug 12 2011 12:47 GMT Donjames
It was, Thanks Nancy
Aug 12 2011 12:48 GMT Donjames
Thanks Nicola, Im over it thanks, it was just another day in SA
Aug 12 2011 13:00 GMT julie13
So sorry to hear what happened to you, this world is full of violent idiots who have no sense whatsoever of the wrong they are doing. I refuse to send my teenage daughters to secondary school because of the violence in those places and they are both better people because they do not mix with violent scum from dysfunctional homes. Brave choice of photo. Well done.
Aug 12 2011 13:31 GMT hans55 PRO
wow ...terrible story with this jeans my friend !!! ... a good entry !!
Aug 12 2011 14:49 GMT Donjames
Thanks Julie, well done with your daughters and I agree with your sentiments.
Aug 12 2011 14:50 GMT Donjames
Thanks hans, just life in SA
Aug 12 2011 14:54 GMT Hanny50
Where in this world will you be save now, terrible experience, good entry.
Aug 12 2011 15:02 GMT elsje323
sad story Don
Aug 12 2011 15:28 GMT peterpinhole
Quite a story with these jeans...what a trerrible thing to happen to you...
Aug 12 2011 16:21 GMT Donjames
exactly Hanny, where is the question
Aug 12 2011 16:22 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ida
Aug 12 2011 16:22 GMT Donjames
It is, Thanks Peter pin
Aug 12 2011 16:25 GMT Donjames
Thanks Hunju, the sad part is that every member of my family has been a victim of crime....sad world.
You know exactly how it feels since you have been a victim several times yourself.
Aug 12 2011 16:34 GMT saffi9
you just never know whats around the corner dj - pleased it wasnt youre eye for a good shot :)
Aug 12 2011 16:48 GMT abojovna PRO
Horrible experience Don! I hope your eye remain in a good condition !
Aug 12 2011 17:00 GMT Donjames
danger everywhere Dave, I try with the one eye
Aug 12 2011 17:02 GMT Donjames
It was Claudia, thanks I hope so too even though it was damaged when I was three...been in the wars me
Aug 12 2011 18:05 GMT Xaragma
It is a terrible reminder, Don, but as you say recent events far from SA show how fragile life and society is...
Aug 12 2011 18:08 GMT Donjames
So true Steve....
Aug 12 2011 19:54 GMT Annamaria
Although I already knew what happened to you, I am shocked again to read it once more.... its terrible what people do to eachother just to have some money or clothes....
Aug 12 2011 20:33 GMT teddybear2
I was deeply saddened to hear what happened to you. I can not imagine what that would be like. It makes for a special entry in regards to the history with the jeans
Aug 12 2011 21:38 GMT MargNZ
Don you are very brave to relive your experience with us but perhaps it helps with the healing process. The world doesn't seem to be a very safe place at all from thuggery and crime .
Aug 13 2011 14:36 GMT Donjames
Thanks Anna-Maria, yup just part of life in SA
Aug 13 2011 14:36 GMT Donjames
Thank you kindly Shirley...;-))
Aug 13 2011 14:39 GMT Donjames
Thanks Margaret, I am over it now I think, you are right the world is not safe anymore, I think its the instant gratification these days, if I dont have it Ill just take it..;-((