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Thank you to all my friends on FT for the kind and special birthday wishes, I really appreciate it. i think as my FT friends as family (some friends will know what I mean) THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN....
PS. Im topless only (sigh) because its hot very hot 39 C today, and my nails are not dirty its the juice from the olives, I made the pizza myself......
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2012 23:13 GMT junne PRO
we are a huge international family.

that looks like delicious pizza, an other thing missing here
Jan 11 2012 23:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks Junne...its home made, thank heavens for the net....PS. Whats missing?
Jan 11 2012 23:27 GMT julie13
I didn't know it was your birthday !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a good day.
Jan 11 2012 23:49 GMT PhotoPro PRO
A very Happy Birthday Don!!

It's almost dinner time and I'm suddenly having a craving for pizza..:-))

Hope it's a great special day.
Jan 12 2012 00:05 GMT peterpinhole
happy belated birthday Don. looks like good pizza you made there!
Hope you had a good one.
Jan 12 2012 02:46 GMT larrybenedict
Looks like my favorite kind of pizza....veggies only.
Jan 12 2012 06:47 GMT sider
Happy Birthday Don.. Give me one!!.. ';))
Jan 12 2012 07:43 GMT Pea2007
I hope you enjoyed it.
Jan 12 2012 08:39 GMT Papagena
It is always a great pleasure Don !! ;o))

Btw. Always fantastic to see a man cooking his dinner !! ;&)
Jan 12 2012 08:43 GMT Littleollie
Many Happy Returns Don.
That's a mighty fine looking slice of Pizza you're hiding behind. :-)

Good to read that we aren't the only ones getting the good weather, although the third cricket test starts here in Perth tomorrow, Australia V India and they are talking showers and thunder storms Saturday, might cool us down but no good for cricket.
Jan 12 2012 08:49 GMT junne PRO
pizza is missing here. horrible food. if i didn't cook at home, i would be starving. i can eat all over china except here. the local food none of us westerners like. but we are not here for the food :-)))
Jan 12 2012 09:02 GMT Donjames
Thanks Julie...had a great day and Im feeling the effects today
Jan 12 2012 09:03 GMT Donjames
Thank you Bill, suffering a bit today
Jan 12 2012 09:04 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peterpin, it was a good one...
Jan 12 2012 09:05 GMT Donjames
Thanks Larry, nope it was crammed with meat too, salami smoked sausage and bacon
Jan 12 2012 09:05 GMT Donjames
Thanks Sider....come on over and enjoy...hehehe
Jan 12 2012 09:05 GMT Donjames
I did thanks Peterp
Jan 12 2012 09:07 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ruth, I do all the cooking, my past restaurant training still put to good use
Jan 12 2012 09:09 GMT Donjames
Thanks Ollie, its very hot here we are hoping for some rain to cool things down, we also have cricket on the go SA v Sri Lanka...one day tests at the moment
Jan 12 2012 09:10 GMT Donjames
No pizza !!!!!!!! Junne you better start a pizza parlour...;-())
Jan 12 2012 09:25 GMT Annamaria
Great shot of you, DJ! The pizza looks delicious!! I hope your headache isn't too bad...;-))
Jan 12 2012 10:15 GMT bandsix
Good shot....you obviously had a good time:)
Jan 12 2012 10:36 GMT skyball
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Don!!.....better late than never!!:-))......
Jan 12 2012 12:52 GMT elsje323
hope you had a great day and the pizza looks delicious!!
Jan 12 2012 13:23 GMT Donjames
Thanks Anna-Maria, just suffering a bit....ugh!!!
Jan 12 2012 13:23 GMT Donjames
Thanks Barbara, it was fun ......
Jan 12 2012 13:24 GMT Donjames
Thanks Geoff....
Jan 12 2012 13:24 GMT Donjames
I did thank you Ida....the pizza was fabulous
Jan 12 2012 14:49 GMT wijnie58
I hope you have a nice day....Looks very hot now in SA. :-))
Jan 12 2012 15:18 GMT LizSA
Baie Geluk HOor... ek sien jy het a goeie dag gehad... daardie pizza lyk baie lekker...
ek het hier erens 'n nota gevind in my FT boekie van jou groot dag... nou net ingeteken om jou geluk te wens... ek sien dit is so warm by julle ... baie erg. ons het darem net so oor die 30c. is bietjie besig met ander dinge, FT sal bietjie oorstaan vir eers van my kant af. Ek sien Helen verjaar more.. sal dan weer inteken om haar geluk te wens. :-)
Jan 12 2012 17:13 GMT Xaragma
Happy Birthday, Don (a bit late :))
Jan 12 2012 20:54 GMT FLUMP
Glad you enjoyed it Don not sure i want to add another year on!!!!
Jan 12 2012 22:07 GMT saffi9
hope you had a great day don wont ask how old
Jan 12 2012 22:27 GMT hanek
Happy Biryhday Doń !!!
Jan 13 2012 07:26 GMT Donjames
Thanks Wijnie, it is very hot
Jan 13 2012 07:28 GMT Donjames
Baie dankie Liz, ja dis lekker warm hier, vandag is dit maar koeler dis 'n bietjie onweer.
Ja Helen verjaar vandag ek sal vir haar ook wens. Julle moet mooi bly groete vir Koos.
Jan 13 2012 07:29 GMT Donjames
Thanks Steve, thats ok....at my age it really does not matter..hahaha
Jan 13 2012 07:30 GMT Donjames
Thanks Helen....its your turn on the 13th
Jan 13 2012 07:31 GMT Donjames
I did thanks Dave....54 !!!
Jan 13 2012 07:31 GMT Donjames
Thank you Hanek
Feb 16 2012 06:58 GMT legs4daze PRO
Happy (very) belated birthday ;o)
Mar 04 2012 15:17 GMT Donjames
Thanks Steph..x