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I suppose the "creep" will leave a rude comment again or even an obscene one as he did previously....lets see !!!!

Goodnight all, till next time.
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Comments on this photo:

May 24 2011 18:02 GMT saffi9
dont go anywhere dj
he ll get bored if everyone just deletes his comments and ignores him
May 24 2011 18:04 GMT Annamaria
I agree with you DJ!! He realy is very annoying!! I have tried to explain to him how FT works, but I think this Frenchman only does what he wants... and that is giving nasty comments.....

But I will NOT let him chase me away from FT! Like you said ; FT brought me great and dear friends and lots of nice chats AND of course so many beautiful pictures all over the world to admire!!

May 24 2011 18:04 GMT Annamaria
I think Dave has a point there....;-))
May 24 2011 18:06 GMT psb64
stick with my friend i like your pictures
May 24 2011 18:12 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I agree with Anna Maria and Dave and think it would be terrible if popular contributors to FT like yourself were to be driven away by this time-wasting attention-seeker. I'm sure it's best to delete his nasty comments and not respond, however tempting it may be to do so!
May 24 2011 18:13 GMT Donjames
I hope so Dave, I have another plan up my sleeve, busy plotting at the moment
May 24 2011 18:14 GMT Petermosull
It is a very sad state of affairs. But look to the top of the page; 187,836 members, of which all but a couple are very genuine, we can't allow a tiny minority to dictate to us. So please Don, while I don't have a solution don't give up just yet. It is a great site and most of us have all made some fabulous new friends since joining. I entirely agree with your assessment of the sites admin. I joined over two years ago and then for no reason my account dissapeared! And I have discovered that this has happened to a few people. All attempts to find out why have failed to get any type of response, so I just signed up again from new. At least that has given me the pleasure of revisiting images & catching up with old friends. There must be a solution to getting theadmin of the site to sit up and take notice & I think it must lie in collective action from the users. Look at all the google ads that are dynamic all the time. Every time a user clicks on the link FT makes money! Maybe a solution lies there. Take care & keep uploading those great images, the majority of us want to see them & share our thought with you whilst getting feedback ourselvs. Regards, Peter
May 24 2011 18:14 GMT Donjames
Lets wait and see Anna-Maria, I have another plan to get FT's attention
May 24 2011 18:15 GMT Donjames
May 24 2011 18:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks Paul, I have one more plan
May 24 2011 18:17 GMT Donjames
Thanks Sylvia. I do not want to leave, really I dont.
May 24 2011 18:18 GMT Donjames
Thank you for your response Peter
May 24 2011 18:22 GMT FLUMP
Don you're not going anywhere...the man's an ass (although that's probably an insult to ass's) if we all ignore him and his site then he will soon tire...we are just feeding his titillation!!!
May 24 2011 18:29 GMT Pea2007
I would just ignore the silly `FROG` he is not worth it ,delete his stupid comments.
Besides you are one of the few good guys on FT...we need you AND Demi.
Please stay.
May 24 2011 18:32 GMT Donjames
Thanks Helen for your support, I agree
May 24 2011 18:34 GMT Donjames
Thanks Peter, and for your support, I really DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE.........
May 24 2011 18:57 GMT Pea2007
I think I would have left ages ago but I do value friendship.
May 24 2011 19:01 GMT sini
Through the years, from time to time people like that show up...but if ignored they leave...I always delete those comments
May 24 2011 19:49 GMT loverboy
May 24 2011 21:57 GMT MargNZ
Hi Don ... I don't have anymore to offer but let's hope he gets bored and moves on :))
May 24 2011 23:35 GMT mamontof
Don , some time hobby what you like nice to put on side....and existential find again afther some time - hay happy find large forgotten bills in your packet !
May 24 2011 23:53 GMT martini957
One bad apple doesn't deem the tree unworthy.....hang in there and although it's human nature to have a reaction to someone's negative action.....it's best to ignore....because reactions only add fuel to the flame....creates a spotlight so to speak : ))
May 25 2011 06:08 GMT hans55 PRO
don't let these kind of people win ... just ignore them end they will get bored and leave this great site !!!
May 25 2011 08:37 GMT skyball
Dont let him get to you Don...he could be a nice bloke WHEN he grows up!!!:-)).........
May 25 2011 08:41 GMT sheasoru68
Don, my new, and good friend, I feel you are wise enough to listen to the comments of all the wonderful people who communicate in a civilised fashion on FT. I urge you to stick with the decent folk, and just ignore and banish any other unwanted juvenile words which come from someone not worthy of your sentiment.
I look forward to viewing more of your fabulous work here for many years to come.
Take care, Joe.
May 25 2011 11:49 GMT geobak
Don, there is no solution for idiots, ignorants and bad people.The world is full of them and slowly slowly they are going to be the majority.
Just avoid and ignore them.
Regards, Geo
May 25 2011 16:07 GMT Donjames
thanks for your response hunju, I agree
May 25 2011 16:08 GMT Donjames
As do I Peter.....my FT friends are an important part of my daily life
May 25 2011 16:08 GMT Donjames
Lets hope he leaves sini, thanks for your response
May 25 2011 16:09 GMT Donjames
Luck you Tony....he goes with the apt name of "creapers"
May 25 2011 16:10 GMT Donjames
I hope so too Margaret, thank you for your comment
May 25 2011 16:10 GMT Donjames
Thanks for your response Alex
May 25 2011 16:11 GMT Donjames
I agree with you Nancy, thanks for your response
May 25 2011 16:12 GMT Donjames
Thanks for your response hans, I hope he gets bored soon
May 25 2011 16:13 GMT Donjames
Geoff I dont think he could be a nice guy even if he tried....
May 25 2011 16:14 GMT Donjames
Thank you Joe, thank you for your response and wise words
May 25 2011 16:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks for your response George
May 25 2011 19:07 GMT skyball
You are probably right Don!!!!!!.....
May 25 2011 19:08 GMT Sheila PRO
Comments from friends count. Anything else can be consigned to the tip. Stay and be surrounded by the people to whom the Fotothing community is more important than Fotothing itself. I've been here since the first week of its existence - I've been a moderator and a Challenge setter. I've seen good and bad photos, changes in the site for the better and for the worst, precious people passing away or moving off to other sites, and new strength coming through in the members in spite of the lack of support from the Fotothing managers.
There is nothing to beat being surrounded by people with a common interest. I haven't been aware of the "creep", but he counts for nothing, whoever he is and whatever his reasons for trying to upset us. We are bigger than that.
May 27 2011 15:06 GMT Donjames
Lets see Geoff...
May 27 2011 15:07 GMT Donjames
Thank you for your wise words Sheila, He goes by the name "creapers"