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Dreaming christmas


Sent to me by a friend, just had to share....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 24 2010 12:09 GMT FLUMP
now that is funny....have just made a double chocolate cheesecake and was wondering if it was too early to have a tipple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 24 2010 12:12 GMT Donjames
Helen its NEVER too early for a tipple, just enjoying one myself while I wait for the roasts to finish, its murder in the kitchen in this darn heat.............
Dec 24 2010 12:13 GMT FLUMP
I don't have that problem...it's freezing here and I have the heating cranked up!!
Dec 24 2010 12:15 GMT Donjames
Today I wish it was winter...I really do
Dec 24 2010 12:25 GMT sini
:)) Best wishes to you!:)
Dec 24 2010 12:25 GMT Donjames
And to you and yours sini...thank you.
Dec 24 2010 12:27 GMT Annamaria
We have WINTER in Holland, DJ!! Wow.... a lot more snow has been fallen last night... about 30cm of snow here now....

At the moment I would preffer your weather, but it really is very nice with all the snow.... too bad I can't get away by car now.... too dangerous....
Dec 24 2010 12:30 GMT Donjames
All the snow pics look so lovely....pity you are now house bound be nice to get out a visit...enjoy you day tomorow...all the best.
Dec 24 2010 13:19 GMT robhud
Dec 24 2010 14:35 GMT Macfudge
Dec 24 2010 16:09 GMT will
haha, Merry Christmas, Don! And happy new year to you! Wishing you all the best..:)
Dec 24 2010 16:11 GMT will
What about the deli, Don? :)
Dec 24 2010 17:02 GMT hans55 PRO
a funny one !!! :-)
Dec 24 2010 19:46 GMT LizSA
oh no... :-) this is so funny...

Gese├źnde Kersfees Don ... Beste Wense vir a wonderlike dag.
Dec 25 2010 17:53 GMT linnywv PRO
HAAAA I love it!!! Merry Christmas!
Dec 26 2010 09:11 GMT Donjames
thanks robhud
Dec 26 2010 09:12 GMT Donjames
Thanks Rob
Dec 26 2010 09:12 GMT Donjames
Cheers Mac
Dec 26 2010 09:13 GMT Donjames
and the same to you will...thanks
Dec 26 2010 09:14 GMT Donjames
which one will ?
Dec 26 2010 09:14 GMT Donjames
Thanks hans
Dec 26 2010 09:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks Liz....Ek hoop jou dag was ook wonderlik....
Dec 26 2010 09:15 GMT Donjames
Thanks johan
Dec 26 2010 09:16 GMT Donjames
Thanks Linda...hope you had a wonderful day....
Dec 26 2010 15:14 GMT Papagena
Perhaps I would have recovered quicker of my chill if I had drunk a bottle of white or red wine............ !!!!! ;+)) Anyway since today I am back on earth...........

Have a great end of year, and then a wonderful 2011 !! See you then again I hope.........
Dec 26 2010 15:18 GMT Donjames
Glad you feeling better Ruth, and all the same wishes for you and yours. I will be back as I hope you will be too.
Dec 26 2010 15:40 GMT hanek
:-)) White and red are the Polish national colors ... probably because we like drinks hahahaha !!!!
Dec 27 2010 09:13 GMT Donjames
Enjoy hanek enjoy....;-()))))
Dec 28 2010 15:41 GMT martini957
LOL...good one
Dec 29 2010 11:34 GMT Donjames
Glad you enjoyed it Nancy