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Comments on this photo:

Dec 27 2010 09:39 GMT MargNZ
A beautiful tribute to your lovely Mother Don ... you must miss her very much .
Dec 27 2010 09:41 GMT hanek
Beautiful tribute .... my mother also was born in 1935 .... rip. 1989 ...
Dec 27 2010 09:44 GMT Donjames
Thank you Marge for your kind comment, I miss her more and more everyday Mom was also my best friend when we lost her it was like my heart had been ripped out.
Dec 27 2010 09:45 GMT Donjames
Thank you hanek, so sorry for your loss.
Dec 27 2010 10:03 GMT Annamaria
Lovely tribute, Don!! The missing of my parents gets stronger for me too as I grow older.... my father died oct2001 and my mother dec2008.... I often think of them.... especially in this time of year because we used to celebrate Christmas always together with them....
Dec 27 2010 10:20 GMT sini
Lovely tribute!:)
Dec 27 2010 10:25 GMT dogies1
its absolutely heartwrenching to lose a loved one but we never forget the wonderful times we had and always knowing they are watching over us
Dec 27 2010 10:32 GMT LizSA
ai Don, die seer is erg, en die verlange bly... :" so beautiful memory of your mother... wonderful to be ""best friends "" with your mother.... !!!
it is not for all to be like that with their parents...!!!

My Dad also passed away in December 2007, he was 88...!!!
Dec 27 2010 10:45 GMT Donjames
Thanks Anna-Maria, its difficult not having parents around at this time of year...
Dec 27 2010 10:46 GMT Donjames
Thank you sini
Dec 27 2010 10:47 GMT Donjames
Thank you dogies, what you say is so true....
Dec 27 2010 10:51 GMT Donjames
Thank you Liz, ja ek verlang elke dag om net hullo te se, maar sy is in 'n better plek nou.
So sorry to hear of your loss, we share a loss together, same year too.
Dec 27 2010 12:31 GMT skyball
A beautiful way to remember Don...I also just have the memories......
Dec 27 2010 12:52 GMT Papagena
Don, we keep our beloved parents or friends deep in our heart and mind for ever !! My mother was born in 1910 and died on 1st January 1984. My father, born in 1907, died in May 1986 !! But I was rather glad for them as they hadn't to remain ill for a long time neither in hospital nor at home.............
Dec 27 2010 13:28 GMT LizSA
Papagenda... it is so true... in old age one do not want to loose your dignity !!!
Dec 27 2010 15:27 GMT FLUMP
never forgotten....lovely tribute
Dec 27 2010 18:01 GMT marijke06
nice memory
Dec 27 2010 21:11 GMT will
It's nice that you had such a great relationship with her, Don...she looks like a wonderful person, and I'm sure she was and loved you very much...never forgotten..:)
Dec 28 2010 10:04 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff
Dec 28 2010 10:08 GMT Donjames
Ruth I think my Mom is much happier where she is now, she suffered in hospital (intensive care) for three months suddenly got better then came down with blood poisoning because of an infection caused by a catheter and her body could no longer fight back.
Dec 28 2010 10:08 GMT Donjames
I agree Liz
Dec 28 2010 10:09 GMT Donjames
Thank you Helen.
Dec 28 2010 10:09 GMT Donjames
Thank you marijke
Dec 28 2010 10:10 GMT Donjames
Thanks will, Mum was my best friend ever.
Dec 28 2010 15:41 GMT martini957
Beautiful mother & precious memory...wonderful that your mother was your best friend too...nothing hurts as bad as losing a beloved parent...it does indeed feel like your heart is being ripped out
Dec 28 2010 17:17 GMT Lie
Great mother memory...
It's dificult to miss your mother, you will remenber always her good and great things.
Dec 29 2010 11:32 GMT Donjames
Thank you for your kind words Nancy.
Dec 29 2010 11:33 GMT Donjames
Thank you Lie, so kind.
Dec 31 2010 21:57 GMT annieann PRO
a truely stunning tribute dear don xxxxx
Jan 01 2011 13:34 GMT Donjames
Thank you my lovely LADY..xxxxx
Jan 02 2011 15:45 GMT annieann PRO
you are more than welcome ... mrs donjames is a lucky lady xx
Jan 02 2011 15:55 GMT Donjames