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The other two monsters in my life. The pale blue one on the right is the latest addition.
The cage really is not small this is the top tier of the cage.
Full size has a bit more detail.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2012 15:51 GMT Papagena
Lovely monsters at least !! I only remember that they can make a great mess and noise!! ;^)
Aug 31 2012 16:06 GMT jomoud PRO
Wonderful shot and addition to the theme Don.
The photo should be seen in full size.
Have a fabulous weekend my friend!
Aug 31 2012 16:11 GMT 25barb
Full screen is wonderful and the details are great...:\Lovely colors and lighting
If all monsters were this beautiful we would certianly have a fantastic world of color.
An outstanding photo...love it... I assume they have names ha ha
Aug 31 2012 16:28 GMT bandsix
It could also have been included in Reflectionthursday, Don.......I expect these two torment Demi:)) Lovely little monsters!
Aug 31 2012 16:33 GMT Donjames
Spot on Ruth....but they are worth it
Aug 31 2012 16:33 GMT Donjames
;-) Thanks Hunju
Aug 31 2012 16:34 GMT Donjames
Thank you John, you to have a great weekend
Aug 31 2012 16:35 GMT Donjames
Thanks Barb...just monsters
Aug 31 2012 16:37 GMT Donjames
Never thought of that Barbara....yup they do torment Demi, she often sits next to the cage and just watches them...;-))
Aug 31 2012 16:58 GMT ForestSpirit
Oh, what sweet budgies! Hope you'll be showing us some more shots of them!
Aug 31 2012 17:03 GMT elsje323
beautiful monsters, great entry
Aug 31 2012 18:11 GMT Lie
Great entry and catch....
Aug 31 2012 18:31 GMT sini
Cute birds and entry!:)
Aug 31 2012 19:09 GMT skyball
A lovely well detailed shot Don!!...great close up and entry!!!!!.......
Aug 31 2012 19:46 GMT superJoan
We had a lovely Budgie when I was young.. talked and talked.. great company.. lovely entry
Aug 31 2012 20:51 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful bird entry Don ... great company :))
Aug 31 2012 21:22 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful birds you have, Don! Very nice cage! Very nice entry!
Sep 01 2012 02:49 GMT hans55 PRO
cute little monsters Don ... a nice entry !!
Sep 01 2012 06:55 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful monsters DJ! My mother used to have those..always made a lot of noise...;-)
Sep 01 2012 08:20 GMT senna3
Excellent choice for the theme!
Sep 01 2012 14:52 GMT martini957
Awww pretty birds...sweet ones for birdfriday
Sep 01 2012 16:08 GMT Foggydew
companionship :)
Sep 01 2012 19:40 GMT peterpinhole
Nice little monsters they are!
great entry.
Sep 02 2012 05:39 GMT Donjames
Thank you Sylvia...as soon as my pc and camera make up I will do my best
Sep 02 2012 05:40 GMT Donjames
Thank you Ida
Sep 02 2012 05:40 GMT Donjames
Thank you Lie
Sep 02 2012 05:40 GMT Donjames
Thank you sini
Sep 02 2012 05:41 GMT Donjames
Thank you Geoff
Sep 02 2012 05:41 GMT Donjames
Thank you Joan, these two yap all day long
Sep 02 2012 05:42 GMT Donjames
Thank you Margaret, they are indeed
Sep 02 2012 05:42 GMT Donjames
Thank you Claudia
Sep 02 2012 05:43 GMT Donjames
Thank you Hans
Sep 02 2012 05:43 GMT Donjames
Thank you Anna-Maria, they do chat a lot but I do enjoy their noise...;-)))
Sep 02 2012 05:44 GMT Donjames
Thank you Peter
Sep 02 2012 05:44 GMT Donjames
Thank you Nancy
Sep 02 2012 05:45 GMT Donjames
Indeed, Thank you FD
Sep 02 2012 05:45 GMT Donjames
Thank you Peter p
Sep 02 2012 07:28 GMT mellie
What beautiful birds ... such lovely feathers
Sep 02 2012 09:14 GMT Donjames
Thank you Mellie
Sep 02 2012 20:40 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Great in full size Don. Do they talk as I know some budgies do !!!!
Sep 03 2012 07:30 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful monsters Don, Great to see them...:-))
Sep 07 2012 13:25 GMT Donjames
Thanks Jim, they just screech a lot.
Sep 07 2012 13:25 GMT Donjames
Thanks Wijnie
Sep 07 2012 14:51 GMT julie13
I love budgies. I had one that was from my mums aviary years ago. He was so tame and he could talk so well, I had him for 8 years :)
Sep 07 2012 15:33 GMT Donjames
Julie these two do not talk...just screech...but we enjoy them
Sep 15 2012 11:21 GMT annieann PRO
very cute budgies don
Sep 17 2012 08:06 GMT Donjames
Thank you Annieann
Sep 17 2012 08:31 GMT linnywv PRO
I adore parakeets! If I didn't have Mr. Bean I would have one again. I had two in my life and they are the sweetest little things. They had the run of the house. So now I have the feeders outside where they can be safe and I can take PHOTOS!!! Hope you had a fine weekend!
Sep 20 2012 06:42 GMT Donjames
Thank you Linda....