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Birthday gift I recieved from my partners daughter today.....

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2011 17:37 GMT Pea2007
A real feast.
Jan 11 2011 17:38 GMT Donjames
Already started on it Peter, chocolates first !!!!!!!
Jan 11 2011 17:41 GMT qpidoremix
excellent gift
Jan 11 2011 17:45 GMT Donjames
Thank you qpid
Jan 11 2011 17:51 GMT mamontof
Sweets 8-)))
They can put more sweets and chocolate for sure !!!
Don , why Womans think man do not like chocolate ?
Why ?
Jan 11 2011 17:53 GMT LizSA
Baie geluk...... Congratulations on your Birthday..!!

what a lovely gift....
Jan 11 2011 17:54 GMT Donjames
Its a girl thing Alex, but there is a good bottle of Port included
Jan 11 2011 17:55 GMT Donjames
Baie dankie Liz, it was a big surprise.
Jan 11 2011 18:02 GMT mamontof
Don , at least sadness of bad woman thinking could be wash down with a seeps of Good port 8-)))
Jan 11 2011 18:05 GMT Donjames
well, at least I dont have to worry about condiments and snacks for a while, problem is I have already started on them....hmmm...wonder how long they will last !!!!! The port is very very good. Hic !!!!!!!
Jan 11 2011 18:07 GMT qpidoremix
mamontof, that is called wishful thinking ;-)))
Jan 11 2011 18:11 GMT Donjames
Ha ha ha Martijn
Jan 11 2011 18:12 GMT mamontof
Cheers -Salute . Don , to Port it look only noting left ...so i said for two evenings max .

Why women think only about small packages - hay about nice ring of cheese , keys of of wine and some slab of smoking beacon ? Bread could be nice , but its fine we are a Man we can handle buying our own bread !!!

That why before in my life when my friends came to my house for Friday dinner they bring case of wine , life lamb and plenty rest of the crop ....and they know they safety can stay over weekend
Jan 11 2011 18:28 GMT martini957
Great gift....Happy Birthday : ))
Jan 11 2011 18:37 GMT Annamaria
Happy Birthday, DJ!! ;-))
Jan 11 2011 18:50 GMT hanek
HAPPY BIRTHDAY D.J . I hope you nice spend this special day ;-))
Jan 11 2011 19:01 GMT will
Happy birthday, Don...spicey is good..:)
Jan 11 2011 19:13 GMT Pea2007
Oh silly me.......I forgot to wish Happy Birthday Don.
Jan 11 2011 19:31 GMT bandsix
Have a wonderful birthday Don, and enjoy everything that is in the hamper!!
Jan 11 2011 19:37 GMT FLUMP
Happy birthday Don, it looks wonderful and i'm on a diet!!
Jan 11 2011 19:49 GMT Lie
Great gift, happy birthday Don....
Jan 12 2011 08:41 GMT yvonNL
A little bit late but Congratulations
Jan 12 2011 10:54 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Nancy
Jan 12 2011 10:54 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Anna-Maria..
Jan 12 2011 10:55 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Hanek....had a quiet birthday...
Jan 12 2011 10:56 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much will, spicey is very good
Jan 12 2011 10:57 GMT Donjames
Thats ok Peter but thank you very much...
Jan 12 2011 10:58 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Barbara, I got stuck into it last night hmmmm so much nice "stuff"
Jan 12 2011 10:59 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Helen, you cannot be on diet tomorrow the 13th its your BIRTHDAY so you have to have some chocolate cake........
Jan 12 2011 11:00 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Lie...
Jan 12 2011 11:00 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Yvon....
Jan 12 2011 12:15 GMT Papagena
My belated but not less sincere wishes to your yesterday's great day:

Jan 12 2011 12:16 GMT Donjames
Thank you so much Ruth..x
Jan 12 2011 14:40 GMT skyball
That looks scrumptious Don...my best wishes for yesterday and the future!!!!.......
Jan 12 2011 14:43 GMT Donjames
It is Geoff....working my way through it slowly..and thank you very much for the wishes
Jan 12 2011 14:46 GMT senna3
Congratulations with your birthday!
A tempting display of delicacies!
Jan 12 2011 15:04 GMT Xaragma
Happy birthday James ... lovely selection of goodies...
Jan 12 2011 16:49 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Peter
Jan 12 2011 16:50 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Steve, yes it is.....tasty too
Jan 14 2011 16:47 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A rather belated Happy Birthday from me too, Don! Nice present!
Jan 15 2011 16:29 GMT Donjames
Thank you very much Sylvia