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Words cannot describe the incredible emotion of the arrival of our son William yesterday morning....

1632 views 2 people's favourite photo

Words cannot describe the incredible emotion of the arrival of our son William yesterday morning.
Weighing in at 7lbs 3oz, both baby and mother are in excellent health! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 03 2006 04:39 GMT Martijn
Congratulations my friend. He looks beautiful. I wish you, your wife & your newborn son all the best.
Nov 03 2006 04:54 GMT Scarlett PRO
All my best wishes and congratulations !! I'm so glad for you !! Your son looks so beautiful !! Welcome in the world William !! And send my best wishes for the Mum too !! ;D
Nov 03 2006 05:02 GMT irashid
Congrats..............It is a great blessing by GOD...............He is very cute..................Congrats again.
Nov 03 2006 06:00 GMT rohtas
Congratulations Docevita... may God give him good health.
Nov 03 2006 07:03 GMT Pasifae
Welcome William! You are very beautiful!!! :o)))
Nov 03 2006 07:09 GMT Squirrel PRO
My congratulations.....very beautiful baby
Nov 03 2006 07:16 GMT Afrogie
Congratulations on the arrival of your son!
Such a beautiful boy!
Nov 03 2006 07:29 GMT sini
Congratulations...what a beautiful son...welcome to the world Wlliam!!
Nov 03 2006 08:25 GMT Molivac
Congratulation, Dolcevita !!!! A beautiful baby !!!!
Nov 03 2006 09:53 GMT Blandine
hello beautiful william !!! congratulations for your parents !!
Nov 03 2006 11:05 GMT Poulet PRO
Dear Stuart !!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife !!
And, welcome to this world, dear William. :)))
Thanks for sharing this impressive shot and your wonderful moment for us all !!
All my best to your and your family. :)))
Nov 03 2006 11:23 GMT Studio88
Nov 03 2006 12:02 GMT graceSworld
I'm so happy for both of you, congratulations for your lovely baby...
*Hello William, welcome to this world dear :-)
Nov 03 2006 12:03 GMT antidote
Congratulations :) Lovely baby :)
Nov 03 2006 12:47 GMT Satto
CONGRATS to that little lovely boy....so cute:-)
I wish you, your wife & your newborn son all the best:-)
Nov 03 2006 14:23 GMT mavik
Congratulations to both of you!!! Welcome, William! You're such a cute little angel!
Nov 03 2006 14:32 GMT LuisBarbera
Congratulations my friend...a gift of god for you and your wife a new life begins
Your son looks a healthy and beautiful newborn...I'm happy for you..
My best wishes for you, your wife and your son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 03 2006 14:48 GMT fawn
Congratulations to both of you!!!! William is gorgeous!!!!!
Nov 03 2006 19:22 GMT bodge
I wish you all the very best, a new life has arrived WELL DONE ..
Nov 03 2006 19:55 GMT vipe
Congratulations to your family!! So so sweet little son you have now! =o)))))
Nov 03 2006 19:59 GMT nika70
Congratulation and best wishes for this beautiful baby.
WELCOME TO FOTOTHING WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

incredible photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 03 2006 22:50 GMT Archer
Very cute baby and a great portrait! Congratulations!
Nov 04 2006 00:11 GMT Malaria
Welcome Baby
Welcome Baby to our world
how brave of you to come.
We are here to welcome you
as your journeys just begun.
Here's our opportunity
to help each other grow.
To experience all the things,
alone... we would not know.
You have been successful,
from your very start.
Just welcoming you, has made us all
release love from our hearts.
So remember little Baby
as you grow into your dreams.
Everything in this world
is not always what it seems.
Welcome others into your world
and it is there, that you will find.
All the love you ever knew
was never left behind .
Nov 04 2006 00:20 GMT iyerhari
Congratulation and my best wishes to you and your family:)
Nov 04 2006 11:52 GMT camerajockey
Congratulations to you both. Remember this feeling when you're about to fall-out with your wife lol!
Nov 05 2006 12:02 GMT gmastro
CONGRATULATIONS!!! we are very happy for you my friend!!!
Nov 05 2006 12:09 GMT suzannesmash
Im so HAPPY FOR you, the three of you. Congratulations to most wonderful thing in your life, your own miracle. And all the best to all of you.
Dont forget to take off the lenscap...lol, dont stumble and keep snappin'.
Nov 05 2006 15:42 GMT ferrariwalter
Congratulations! Beautiful foto! :-D
Nov 05 2006 17:39 GMT annaschnitfink
Congratulations to you and to your wife!!!
Welcome sweet little William into the world!!
Your daddy made a beautiful photo of you and we want more.....
Nov 05 2006 18:22 GMT ichigiku
so cute!!!! congratulations!!!!
Nov 05 2006 18:53 GMT litz
Welcome to our world cute handsome William!!!
Congratulations Stuart with your wife!!!!
Nov 06 2006 01:56 GMT jceca PRO
i'm glad to hear they are OK, and that you are so happy !!!! :-)
love this photo !!!!!!!!!
Nov 06 2006 07:49 GMT AlisonBC
Congratulations to you all! What a beautiful baby.
Nov 06 2006 09:19 GMT spicybird
congratulation...beautiful baby...
Nov 06 2006 19:15 GMT Maaya
Oh my...a fave !!!!
Nov 06 2006 19:18 GMT Riet
What a beautiful baby!!! Congratulations and all the best for the three of you! :D
Nov 06 2006 21:26 GMT glassica
Wonderful, wonderful photo!!!!!!! He is so beautiful!!!!
Jul 20 2007 20:21 GMT matteo
he is a scorpion - gratulations :)))