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Aug 11 2007 17:11 GMT PatNolan
That is an amazing shot Dinga. Well done.
Oct 07 2007 15:39 GMT sini
May 01 2008 10:00 GMT Godlieb
2008 – Bogomil Kostov AVRAMOV – HEMY
Bogomil Kostoff AVRAMOV-HEMY

WHEN, under a deafening noise Republic of Bulgaria entered the European Union, without to cover no one clause truly as it has a need, (01.01.2006.!), no one from the high contracting parties has crossed through the mind, that EU must take up more earnestly guarantees about the payment equalisation concerning at least one-two milion governmental penssioned people. Miserable worker champions of an ex common state, about which no one from them anytime suspected, (It was been prohibited to think for a while!), that at once every political system could collapsed. Independly how it is hardly. It has showed; (It is not of main interest to the european commissioners - calling the country to eat on a stomach – the life is heavy everyone!); that independly from the uncounted international conventions and agreements concerning the human rights and liberties, under ratifications as from the ex government of the late Todor JIVKOV, thus and from the democratical goverments from 1989 till now; the social insurance of all of these helplesnesses people, had been and stay only in the hands of the state. Which has not felt in shy to segregate these old peoples, through a law, in two main groups:
Penssioners insured before 1999th; and
Penssiones insured after 1999th year.
The first one – around 2 000 000 people, (Firmly decreasing!), received life penssions accounted on a base of arouind 90 euro;
The second one – perhaps more democratical structured penssioners, the allowages are accounted on a base of 130 euro.
The rest is only a method.
Any special considerations? Not more – than poltitical pressumptions. Nothing more – that an ordinary ballcan close-fisted habits. Purposed more deeply to fill the throats of the leaders of the more than 300 postcommunist democracy-immitated political parties.

EXCEPT that this is excusively unjusty, similar condition is totally intolerable, and positioned many fathers and mothers before a dramatical dilema – at the dustbeens – or out from this such material world. Insolently segregation remembering the first steps of quite well arranged social affair in Nazi Germany before WW Second. Preceding the conzentration campf methods for resolving of social dissasters. Is a place to remember, that only for the first months of this 2008th year, the suicide sacrifices in the city of Varna, are more than a hundred peoples. Setting is the opinion, that the contemporary Republic of Bulgaria has survive itself fiscals on the base of the exessively cutted return interests, of the unknown where are evaporated to, the common social-penssion funds. Included in inself not only the dischargings from the totalitarian times, but also all of the accumulations of the so many private insurance companies mersilessly nationalized, (1947th!). Where are all of these great national money? No one may say.

MANY PEOPLE, asked thereself why do not connect the including of the Pollit- bureau member Mr. Ognyan DOYNOFF in the managing body of main company of the doubthfully dissapeir Mr. Robert MAXWELL; namely to the management of all of the common national penssion funds - in addition. End really. At the commence of the 1980th summer, Robert MAXWELL had been a honorary guest of Todor JIVKOV, calling Port Varna onboard of his motor boat „SOUTHERN BREEZE-Nassau. It is wide known, that late Mr. Robert MAXWEL, was been one perefectly educated expert on the penssion funds resolving problems.
AT MARZ 2007, a fife membership initiative committee, based Varna City, Bulgaria, headed from engineer Petar PETROFF, appprouched the main ombudsman of Republic of Bulgaria, Ginyo GANEFF, presenting a subscription of 452. bulgarian penssioners, between whom lawers and university theachers. The national Ombudsman, wise man and statesman also, ex President of the National Assamblee, permited himself to answer excessively elusive:
The Problem is not in his competence and duties;
A specialized commission in the National Assembly, (Slowly, slowly – why to run!), working on the problems;
In the nearly future will be „a wide public discussion“ on the Problem ...
Old fashion communist practices, aimed to leg-pulling the tiny national society, from which is took out not only the everyday bread, but and the free word also. Remembering that around 2 000 000 bulgarian citizen giving thereselfs to develop an high industrialized Bulgaria - now meaningly destroyed for ever, are absolutely uselesly. And that theres place is before the street dustbeens. If they are still alife.

IN AN OPEN LETTER to the minister of the social cares, Mss. Emiliya MASLAROVA, one well known bulgarian economy lecturer, the accossiate professor O. STOYANOVA, appealing the minister „to get down on the Earth“, up-to-date the penssions of the last stll alife 2 000 000 old naives of Bulgaria. Because the existing fiscal balance of the country kniled all of these people on the doorstep of the powerty. (For Bulgaria 75 euro montly!) This letter did not been published. Independly that it is „open“.

CONSUMUNG his constitucional righths and liberties, eng. Petar PETROV, both with his citizen group, send an application to the Eoropean Lawcourt at Strassbourg (No 19208/07), about which still now no any answer.

DAMNED from a progressing gansterism; low birth rate, massive pick-pocketing and high financial and political corruption, congested cities, heavy ecological impact, comming energy crise, mersilessly road accidents, national education in compulsory reconstruction, wild solding out the national welfares; the small country of Bulgaria following a strange way to enter the reglaments of the European Community. Which will call any day – it is more than clear - withouth her penssioners. For good or for bad.
(C) 2008 – Bogomil Kostov AVRAMOV – HEMY
Dec 29 2009 16:01 GMT superJoan
Beautiful horses