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This was nearly the last photo I ever took !!!
I wanted to get a photo of a clear blue flame when it suddenly fired a huge fireball which missed my head by about 5inches ! Evidently the gas supply is not as consistant as it claims to be !
I now have a great ( although fake ) suntan and am now a little more wary of weed wands !
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 23 2008 01:03 GMT ManiacMom PRO
OMGosh! Glad you are okay! Good lesson for all of us! Is the camera okay?
Jul 23 2008 01:18 GMT DavidNewland PRO
I'm lightly toasted but fine thanks ;)
Camera is fine too !
I'd warn anyone using one of these to be aware that evidently they can randomly spit out large fireballs ( I'll never forget the look on my Dad's face and the panicked voice " It wont turn off !!! " as it randomly erupted and shot straight past me !!!! )
Gas is a funny substance ! My main guess would be the room wasnt spacious enough and the gas to oxygen ratio went outta whack.
Either way from here on in I'll be doing it outside - and using the longest zoom lense I have !
Afterwards I googled out of curiousity and dont feel so bad now.
This fella managed to torch his entire neighbours garden using the same device !


Jul 23 2008 02:09 GMT fredaFunSite
what the h*ll do you think you are doing?
becareful with that stuff.
glad you are fine.
Jul 24 2008 09:06 GMT caferr
interesting... nice done...
Jul 24 2008 09:17 GMT jajz
"dont ply with the fire"......might hurt yah .... :))
Jul 24 2008 15:59 GMT ManiacMom PRO
David, thanks for the link to the story. It was a good read. :))))
Jul 24 2008 22:54 GMT bluesky
David dont try it again.....okay?
Be careful its not a joke to play an open flame.