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Tags stars


32 second exposure.
Light pollution and stars, yes.
Meteors... nope ! :(
If you like stars, view in full size ;)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 13 2007 14:32 GMT fredaFunSite
lol hahahhahah
I thought my screen was dusty!! and i even cleaned the screen!

I love stars that's for sure!
yah! lets have a look at it *grinning*
Aug 13 2007 14:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I initially had clear skies except to the North where they were best viewed.... frakken storm blew thru..... but we needed it so it was a worthwhile trade-off
Aug 13 2007 14:44 GMT jomoud PRO
No clear shies here at all.
Heavy overcast and rain.
I love stars David, but like Freda I initially thought that my screen was dirty:):)
Aug 13 2007 14:45 GMT DavidNewland PRO
Hahahaha - I turned the contrast way up and there are 100's of stars in the sky.
Just no bl*&dy meteors !
Aug 13 2007 15:00 GMT fredaFunSite
will try next time dav.
myself crazy about stars and meteors.

I was too tired last night and didn't have the energy to shoot
and if i'm not mistaken, it was cloudy as well.
Aug 13 2007 23:30 GMT bluesky
Ohhh those stars.........well Its early morning here.
I like a shooting stars...
I thought nothing was there..hehehe
Aug 14 2007 23:00 GMT Jagged PRO
I spent a few hours and managed to catch half a dozen or so. I had trouble with light pollution so cut my exposures down to 800 asa for 30 seconds and 1600 for 15 seconds.
Aug 14 2007 23:01 GMT DavidNewland PRO
I tried that but just got a strange orange channel 5 signal :(
Aug 15 2007 19:28 GMT Faith1
very different! like this!
Aug 16 2007 04:03 GMT LisaSam67
that's cool! I was wondering if you could take a shot of the stars or not! we have little light pollution here on the lake and the reflection of the stars at night on the water is way cool...
Aug 18 2007 22:24 GMT Elise
Don't hide in darkness:)
Aug 20 2007 06:35 GMT Elise
Aug 25 2007 16:27 GMT rohtas
this is an exceptional effort... so brilliant result!... well done!
Aug 25 2007 22:46 GMT josephnoel
Very clear shot Well done.
Aug 26 2007 10:50 GMT fredaFunSite
now..where are those possport photos? :D *Grinning*
bought myself a new tripod and this one easy for travelling ;))
right, uploads more pics k :D
Aug 28 2007 01:02 GMT stuboy
Oh dear, you've lost your PRO :(
You're one of them low lifes now :))))))