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Lake Balaton
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 11 2006 17:16 GMT LittleDaisy
peace and quiet all around.. beautiful fale story..
Jul 12 2006 06:26 GMT Daniel30
swiming at nigth without swimming dress.....wonderful...
Jul 12 2006 13:25 GMT LittleDaisy
must be fabulous indeed.. ;-))
Jul 13 2006 06:43 GMT Daniel30
It would be an unforgettable swimming....
Jul 13 2006 13:42 GMT LittleDaisy
god.. are you teasing again?! will you never stop those dirty talk? :DD dont cross with me for that :-))
Jul 18 2006 09:17 GMT Daniel30
Sorry for my dirty talk...I promise to you ..I will be a good boy....I felt something..but today I don't feel it....
Jul 18 2006 18:55 GMT LittleDaisy
never said that! god.. did i never tell you i love you and only You mmmstreaker!!! and there is nobody more important as You in my life!!! and you know this! even Philipe, even fiance is not as much important as You! You are the first one in my life and always will!

to Daniel - im sorry that im leading this conversation here, but i want you both to know who is the first one in my life, maybe one day when my best Friend will back to me with the trusting and peace in his heart nobody is more important than he in my life and in my heart, i will say hello again to you Daniel, just like you're saying hello to your friends, but till then i need to forget you for longer time..

im so sorry once again all people who i hurted, now im going off for a real long time, forget about all my friends and just cherrish my happy moments which i spent with them, they are precious.. but im just a bad person and will always hurt good people.. im so sorry for myself..
Jul 19 2006 07:13 GMT Daniel30
Yes mmmstreaker..you are right...Little Daisy is the best girl whom I have ever met..... How long do you know Katie?
Jul 19 2006 10:15 GMT LittleDaisy
I'm so sorry for everything I've done one more time, He knows me enough to be my best Friend ever, He's everyday with me, in my happiness and in my sadness.. please try understand and don't go between us.. I'm so sorry once again, i wish You best in your life with your wife and family.
Life is long, You'll find the best your Friend, try look around youself, maybe there somebody needs You! I'm sure there is someone who deserves for your company more..
Jul 19 2006 13:45 GMT Daniel30
Sorry ...I dont want to disturbe you...I would like to wish a great and nice future to you...sorry Katie..sorry mmstreaker...I lost my way.....
Jul 19 2006 18:21 GMT LittleDaisy
Thank You for understanding.. i wish You too everything best in your life!
Jul 20 2006 08:12 GMT LittleDaisy
So.. our conversation it's still not ending.. cos I have to explain next problem.. Listen me boys, if You still will fighting I will keep my relationships only with girls! better for them.. not good for You both ;-)) so.. why nobody of us still didnt look in your fotothing each other? and just check the first date when i left there first comment? I know You mmmstreaker much more than Daniel, which I found just before I went to my long trip to Serbia.. and You know then how close we were in this time, and how much meaned each other.. I love You my english boy more than whoever else on the earth, not only in fotothing! Please remember what I'm saying.. and noone was as close as You in my life..
I'm so sorry Daniel once again we speak here.. if You want, after his reading that, delate those conversation.. Thats real nice picture.. and we talking about jealously here..
Jul 24 2006 11:53 GMT Daniel30
I agree with you Kasia...Let's take more same beautiful pics and talk about them...thanks for all
Sep 26 2006 11:41 GMT Kropelka
Feb 09 2007 11:57 GMT Daniel30
thanks...what is your the less favourite one?