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For Lord Farquaad
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 12 2008 01:50 GMT martini957
Feb 12 2008 01:53 GMT martini957
I looked closer and it must indeed be for real.....sorry for you...but these kids sure look like they had a blast lol
Feb 12 2008 01:56 GMT Londi PRO
Unbelievable... I feel sooooo sorry for the person who had to clean this up! wow!
Feb 12 2008 01:57 GMT DaisyVu
lol, my friend actualy sent this to me, i dont usually post but this 1 I had to show
Feb 12 2008 02:02 GMT DaisyVu
think of their reaction when they 1st walked in the room.
Feb 12 2008 02:04 GMT DaisyVu
i love the hand print on the smaller 1s fore head and the feetie prints on the carpet......
Feb 12 2008 02:18 GMT gafaway
oh wow ! suddenly my day does not seem so bad...
Feb 12 2008 02:23 GMT DaisyVu
Yeah no kidding!
Feb 12 2008 04:01 GMT martini957
lol...I keep coming back to this shot and can't help laughing...just look at how well they painted their legs lol
Feb 12 2008 04:33 GMT DaisyVu
yeah i laughed so hard my jaw hurt afterwards
Feb 12 2008 19:23 GMT LisaSam67
hahahaha i got this one in email the other day too and thought it would be perfect for lord F too! hahahahahaha

i wish i'd had a proper camera when my boys pulled a stunt a few years ago

one whole jar of vaseline AND baby powder! ALL over their room! hahahahaha
Feb 13 2008 05:40 GMT wolf2728
best painters in town! we promice a 100% smile or the jobs done free!
oh my what a mess! so sorry for who ever had to overdose on anti-pills!
Feb 13 2008 07:52 GMT senna3
That must have been great fun!
Feb 13 2008 14:24 GMT shroom
My goodness how did you keep your cool with that mess, those kids sure now how to paint the town red, er sorry I meant white. They certainly had a blast.
Feb 13 2008 14:26 GMT garynumber1cleaner
jeesh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 14 2008 01:37 GMT fotomom
IŽll keep this in mind , just in case I start thinking " thing get rough " , LOL hahaha :))
Feb 14 2008 02:56 GMT DaisyVu
lol this wasnt mine, i usually just post my own pics. but a friend sent me this & i just couldnt resest
Feb 14 2008 02:58 GMT DaisyVu
lol its funny now but, how did u handel it when u 1st discovered there suprise?
Feb 14 2008 03:02 GMT DaisyVu
glad i could brighten your day gafaway, have a good 1
Feb 14 2008 03:04 GMT DaisyVu
arent u glad its not u? lol
Feb 14 2008 14:53 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO