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“Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo”… A Pilipino saying which literally means what is the use of the grass if the horse is already dead.
In real life, it can mean many deeper things.

It can mean something thats supposed to be done but its too late to do it/ Or a lost opportunity/ Or even an apology thats worthless because the harm is already done. It can be applied to many other things in our daily activities.

In love life/marriage: how can someone accept back a former lover if one of them is already engaged/committed to another one? The moral lesson of the saying: when theres a golden opportunity, grab it!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 05 2006 22:55 GMT maiylah
deep thoughts ...
wonderful job, D!
Oct 05 2006 22:56 GMT mavik
Malalim nga, D! Great job!
Oct 05 2006 23:02 GMT bluesky
nice entry DGM...
Oct 05 2006 23:03 GMT jceca PRO
very different entry.... interesting.... thoughtful... great !!!! :)
Oct 05 2006 23:04 GMT sini
What a deep entry!:)
Oct 06 2006 02:30 GMT Poulet PRO
Very interesting info !!!
Cool entry !
Have a safe and beautiful entry, DGM. :))
Oct 06 2006 02:52 GMT QC
good interpretation!
Oct 06 2006 03:00 GMT jomoud PRO
terrific shot and nice entry
Oct 06 2006 03:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great entry DGM!!
Oct 06 2006 04:00 GMT aquiles PRO
wonderful entry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 06 2006 04:32 GMT Urselle
uhmmm nice entry po kuya hihihi neighhhhh :)
Oct 06 2006 05:31 GMT magiceye
Very reflective indeed!
Oct 06 2006 05:52 GMT junsjazz
wow...lalim daddy D...dense ka...haha....great entry!
Oct 06 2006 05:54 GMT Kire403
ur entry has a lot of professional interpretations.. it's great entry indeed... yan ang Pinoy! haha
Oct 06 2006 06:05 GMT melanie737
great entry dad! =)

serious ng entries ninu! yung sa akin fun-fun talaga... parang wala pa me pakialam sa problema sa mundo!hehehe well... im still enjoying life... and it just shows that Daddy D already has a lot of knowledge.... and experience! =)

really nice picture and explanatoin! =)
Oct 06 2006 06:20 GMT marijke06
lost opportunity.....I know them....but from now on: never again!!! :))
nice entry
Oct 06 2006 06:51 GMT litz
very interesting entry
Kire403 is absolutely right!!!!
Oct 06 2006 07:03 GMT abojovna PRO
Wel donne! I love it!
Oct 06 2006 07:05 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha, thats a great reflection
Oct 06 2006 11:19 GMT Elise
kabayo is horse ? wow!!
beautiful reflection....great entry!!
Oct 06 2006 11:28 GMT AlisonBC
Great!! A meaningful reflection.
Oct 06 2006 11:43 GMT Riet
Wonderful reflections! I understand the meaning of the verb....we have something similar in Holland.
Translated in English: it is putting the cart before the horse.
Oct 06 2006 11:56 GMT eds
quite a good reflection kuya D.. =) well thought of
Oct 06 2006 14:36 GMT Dolcevita
Interesting capture! :-)
Oct 06 2006 15:49 GMT Ini
This is great work :-)
Oct 06 2006 17:20 GMT Scarlett PRO
Oct 06 2006 19:38 GMT klingklingeling
Good reflection ;-)
Oct 07 2006 00:05 GMT Danaya
Oct 07 2006 00:38 GMT DGM
Thats right Marijke. A lost opportunity will not come back anymore.
Oct 07 2006 00:39 GMT DGM
Yes Elise, kabayo is horse. Thank you for the visit!
Oct 07 2006 00:41 GMT DGM
Riet: Thats very true. Our sayings even if they are in different languages are sometimes similar.
Oct 07 2006 00:48 GMT DGM
Maiylah, Mavik, Qualquer, Bluesky, Jceca, Sini, Poulet, QC, Jomoud, PhotoPro, Aquiles, Urselle, Magiceye, Junsjazz, Kire403, Melanie737,
Marijke06, Litz, Abojovna, Suzannesmash, Elise, AlisonBC, Riet, Eds,
Dolcevita, Ini, Scarlett, Klingklingeling, Danaya: Thanks for the kind comments my friends. Have a happy weekend!!!
Oct 07 2006 02:31 GMT iyerhari
superub entry/informations!
Oct 07 2006 13:01 GMT bluesky
very well said..kuya DGM
Oct 07 2006 17:13 GMT wifey
Right from the horse's mouth too! Brilliant!!
Oct 07 2006 23:51 GMT DGM
Thanks Wifey. :))
Oct 08 2006 05:01 GMT leicabongmel
Grab it, hold it, and don't let it go. That's a very malalim na interpretation......
Oct 08 2006 07:14 GMT DGM
Thank you Iyerhari and Leica.

Thats right Leica. Grab it or else you will loose it.
Oct 08 2006 11:36 GMT jamby PRO
wooowwww!!!!! DGM ....that´s what professionalism is all about...mainly we can recognise that among Filipinos....just i mean...grab the opportunity presented such as this theme reflection to spread the good words within the theme...do i make sense? what i mean to say is...your entry did the best by grabbing the essence of the theme itself!!! congratulations!!!!
Apr 17 2007 03:38 GMT LisaSam67
wow!!! says so much!