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A Filipino saying which means: Dont count the chicks while the eggs are not yet hatched or don't count your chickens before they hatch. :))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2006 06:52 GMT Ruedi PRO
Lol lol lol..
Oct 22 2006 07:17 GMT Kire403
hmmmmmmm.... great one....
Oct 22 2006 09:10 GMT jamby PRO
hahahahaha....popular pa rin itong proverb na to hanggang ngayon ha? galing mo aahhh...i'm still thinking what to photograph for the saying...as i'm still filipino yet can't remember the filipino sayings anymore and i'm dutch too and can't put all the proverbs in dutch that well...eeergggg....where am i?
Oct 22 2006 09:21 GMT DGM
Jamby there are some tips at Pinoy Chat:

Oct 22 2006 09:28 GMT jamby PRO
thanks dgm...ano pala...anong ibig sabihin ng dgm?
Oct 22 2006 12:11 GMT Urselle
great! galing naman!
Oct 22 2006 12:35 GMT bluesky
Dami mong chicks kuya!
Alam mo gusto ko magbilang ng itlog kesa chicks....
Oct 22 2006 12:38 GMT DGM
Siempre kasi babae ka, kaya itlog.:)))
Oct 22 2006 13:08 GMT litz
LOL...very good answer to blue LOL. .... ;-)))))
great proverb and photo!!!
Oct 22 2006 14:01 GMT LizSA
lovely photo...well known here as well....don't count your chickens before
they are hatched.....good one..!!!
Oct 22 2006 16:23 GMT QC
Great idea! Congrats! I'll come up with something later.
Oct 22 2006 18:56 GMT eds
very true kuya D!
Oct 22 2006 22:29 GMT Molivac
Great proverb and great shot !!!
Oct 23 2006 00:13 GMT helton
....we know this proverb in Brasil also....
....and the capture...fits very well in it,....
.....Have a suuper week my precious friend DGM!!!!..
Oct 23 2006 01:56 GMT Milibuh
Great words...
Oct 23 2006 01:57 GMT krrish
Great pic and proverb DGM

we say some thing like this.......in hindi......Aam khawo Ped meth gino.....eat the mango dont count the mango trees.
Oct 23 2006 04:33 GMT hallo
Nice proveb and capture...excellent idea
Oct 23 2006 07:36 GMT Rissan
Great proverb, great picture.
Oct 23 2006 10:15 GMT Poulet PRO
Very good one, DGM !! :))
Oct 23 2006 11:59 GMT Elise
great shot!
Oct 23 2006 13:16 GMT junsjazz
wow! dami chicks! pag dami chicks, dami itlog! hehe

great shot here daddy D!
Oct 23 2006 14:00 GMT wifey
Which came first? …hee hee hee :)
Oct 23 2006 17:37 GMT jomoud PRO
a universal proverb
well done
Oct 24 2006 02:27 GMT Danaya
ano nga ba ang nauna ang manok o itlog?
nice pic kuya Dino!
Oct 24 2006 02:44 GMT DGM
Danaya and Wifey: Of course its chicken first. Thats according to the bible. LOL
Oct 24 2006 03:25 GMT patraaey
Great capture...
Oct 24 2006 03:50 GMT mavik
Ganda ng gawa niyo, D! Nag-iisip pa ako kung ano i-contribute ko.