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dead industry
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 06 2012 16:05 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Interesting mixture of industrial and apparently domestic buildings. Lovely light
Nov 06 2012 16:35 GMT Cronos1
..."working class" buidings
Nov 06 2012 17:52 GMT martini957
Made in China deal?
Nov 06 2012 18:55 GMT bandsix
Nice image of this industrial scene....lovely light
Nov 06 2012 22:24 GMT julie13
I like this, really interesting especially full size.
Nov 07 2012 07:37 GMT mamontof
Sad left overs of Socialism era days , at some point some hay before all that function !
Strange in Africa 1940 in Hotels was hot water electric fans , art work on waals , window with glass a garden with pound and life fish- when Freedom era came all bad capitalism things was destroyed , right nay progresive capitalism ...boy with cold water , no electric , no lite or glass, garden full of goats .
At some point be under a strong Arm as Colony not so bad at least all work , eatand even send rest of the food to other countries twice a year .
Nov 07 2012 07:54 GMT Cronos1
Right, Mamontof. Here, after this factory was closed some years ago, about 3000 men and women left without a workplace...These are the benefits of the glorious era of freedom. I have socialist political opinions and fortunately the union socialist-liberale have the greatest chances at the future elections in December.
Nov 07 2012 07:54 GMT 25barb
Wonderful document of history..Well captured and presented. The lighting is perfect .
Fantastic subject projected so well..The mountain background seems to enclose the area of dead industry.
Nov 07 2012 08:33 GMT mamontof
Cronos1 , people have short memory they live in past and trust media .
Nov 07 2012 14:55 GMT Annamaria
So sad.....
Nov 07 2012 17:52 GMT senna3
It now happens at many places in Europe, it is a bit depressing.
But your photo is a great documentary image!
Nov 08 2012 05:43 GMT pauli3522
omg...a lot of pollution here..do you live near this place??
which place is this┬┐???
Nov 08 2012 08:47 GMT MargNZ
Very sad decay Dony but a great photo .
Nov 09 2012 08:23 GMT Icandoit
Beautiful light
Nov 10 2012 14:38 GMT doramandragora
You know what is most interesting to me? All these objective comments here... it's like this is happening somewhere far away and has nothing to do with one's self...
Nov 10 2012 17:46 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad for sure .... happens all over the world i guess !
a great picture !!
Nov 11 2012 14:31 GMT Papagena
Dead industry, nevertheless the smoke is intriguing !!....
Nov 11 2012 17:24 GMT Cronos1
The smoke is not from the factory. People use to burn rubbish from their gardens