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Sogin in the Reykjanes peninsula ;-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 03 2010 16:01 GMT mysticwonder
Sometimes cooler i look at your photos and some of your shots of iceland remind me of another planet some dont appear like they are taken on earth. wonderful series. I love the different types of shots you take.
Oct 03 2010 16:03 GMT Icandoit
excellent set of images as usual.TFS
Oct 03 2010 16:04 GMT soldier
Amazing panorama and great photo my friend!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 03 2010 16:30 GMT sini
Very beautiful and interesting landscape!:)
Oct 03 2010 16:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Fascinating landscape
Oct 03 2010 17:06 GMT senna3
What a unique landscape view!
Oct 03 2010 17:59 GMT Cronos1
Fantastic landscape series !
Oct 03 2010 20:46 GMT h43
As I looked at this shot all I could think was that couldn't be here on dear old mother earth ...it must be somewhere else (even though I knew that was impossible) Then I read the first comment and had a chuckle. This whole series is absolutely unbelievable. I never could have imagined that Iceland would look anything like these shots. Fantastic.
Oct 04 2010 07:05 GMT Annamaria
Lovly series, BT!! And all those colours on and in the stone... great!
Oct 04 2010 18:39 GMT ander
Fallegar myndir - og litirnir er frábæriri
Oct 06 2010 00:24 GMT martini957
So amazing....wonderful
Oct 06 2010 16:05 GMT iyerhari
the beauty of nature shot!
Oct 06 2010 21:20 GMT Cooler PRO
Thank you all for your kind words and comments ;-)
Oct 08 2010 17:31 GMT charlotte
so fantastic!!!
Oct 08 2010 20:50 GMT MargNZ
Breathtaking colours and landscapes ... well done Brynjar Thor :))
Oct 09 2010 12:45 GMT Cooler PRO
Thank you for your comment Charlotte ;-)
Oct 09 2010 12:45 GMT Cooler PRO
Thank you for your comment Margaret ;-)
Oct 16 2010 02:32 GMT rosyapple PRO
So many amazing textures!
Oct 17 2010 13:37 GMT Cooler PRO
Thanks again for all your comments today Judy, yes and on a sunny day the colors are awesome ;-)