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Fotothing would like to announce Challenge 78, entitled Angles; Commencing on Wed 22nd Aug and finishing at 11.59 pm / 23:59 GMT on Sunday 2nd Sept.

It is often intriguing to view an object or scene from different Angles, which in turn can bring various other shapes and Angles to your attention!

We would like you to interpret the theme Angles within your entry.

In our example, we have captured the Angles created by the building, its windows and the perspective from which the shot was taken.

Remember, it does not matter whether you have the latest technology or indeed a humble cameraphone, what we are looking for is vision, originality and photos that really capture the theme.


* Upload your picture to your Fotothing in the usual way.
* Tag your entry "challenge78" without spaces or quotes. A tag is sufficient to ensure your entry is submitted.
**Remember** only a single entry per Fotothing user may be entered.


Simply click on this link http://www.fotothing.com/tag/challenge78/ to see all the entries as thumbnails.

* This Challenge will close at 11:59 pm GMT on Sunday 2nd Sept 2007 and the results announced when judging has been completed.
* Only a single entry per Fotothing user name may be entered.
* By entering, you accept that should you win, your picture may be (re)displayed as the winner here on the Fotothing Challenge Page.
* Only pictures which have not previously been posted on Fotothing may be entered (the idea is to get you out and about with your camera).
* Entries must be your own work and you must own the copyright (as is the case with all Fotothing pictures).
* To enter the Challenge, post your photo in the usual way, and enter the word "challenge78" (no spaces or quotes) as one of your tags (you may add other tags as well).
* The judges' decision is final.
* No correspondence will be entered into.
* No prizes will be awarded - the Kudos of winning and your place in the "Fotothing Hall of Fame" is your reward!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 22 2007 19:27 GMT x19bex92x
great challenge!
i will have fun with this one...
Aug 22 2007 20:16 GMT LisaSam67
Might wanna change the tag link ;-)
Way cool challenge theme! Should produce some extraordinary pictures!
Aug 22 2007 20:27 GMT ducati999
sounds like a great challenge!!!!
yeah LisaSam67 is right about the tag link lol. look forward to seeing the entries
Aug 22 2007 20:45 GMT Pueo PRO
hmm indeed. Iooks like it should be:

btw... interesting contrast to the last challenge.
Aug 22 2007 22:56 GMT LisaSam67
lol wonder if I win anything for catching that hahahha
Aug 23 2007 01:23 GMT jenylew

Everyone, please vote for LisaSam to be our next Miss Fotothing!
Go here: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/1927/

Haaaaaaaaaaaa my little birdie!
Aug 23 2007 08:14 GMT ducati999
so it would seem lol : b
Aug 23 2007 20:36 GMT LisaSam67
I win the ability to CHOOSE the NEXT one! muahahahahaha
guess what! It's YOU jenylew
Aug 23 2007 20:37 GMT LisaSam67
hahahahahaha I hadn't noticed what you wrote after line two of your comment!
you are so gonna pay for that! hahahahahaha
xxoo, birdie
Aug 31 2007 01:00 GMT abojovna PRO
Sep 03 2007 03:22 GMT snappans
is it too late
Sep 04 2007 21:24 GMT Shawan
nice angle shot!
Sep 06 2007 10:26 GMT stuboy
Did I win yet ?

Oh, hang on, I don't think I entered !!!!!!

What's the next one ?
Apr 05 2011 07:41 GMT baby521
Photo is really are too attractive, but also for I threw a ticket please, thank your sincerity.And I have a

new pics space in the gaga...
( http://www.gagamatch.com/?pid=188 )So u can go there and search me "baby_521":)