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N.B. If you haven't yet had a chance to enter, you now have an extra week in which to do so!

Fotothing would like to announce Challenge 85, entitled “Beautiful Blur”; commencing on Monday 18th February 08 and finishing at 11.59 pm / 23:59 GMT on Sunday 16th March 08.

A blur can often be thought of as something indistinct; a haziness of memory, an imperfection that spoils a picture. But, pictures such as the ones above show how blurring can also be used to create beautiful images.

We would like you to have fun interpreting “Beautiful Blur” within your entries. You may like to try playing with the focus of your camera or using other methods of distortion.

You can create blur with you camera using many techniques, such as long exposures, motion blur, depth of field, or with tilt-shift or Lensbaby lenses.

Please note, you do not have to use a Lensbaby to enter this contest. Remember, what we are looking for is vision, originality and photos that really capture the theme.

This challenge is extra special as the top entries will win the following prizes:

1st Prize: Lensbaby 3G, the Lensbaby accessory bundle and a baseball cap

2nd Prize: Lensbaby 2.0, macro kit, the Lenspen pro and a baseball cap

3rd Prize: Original Lensbaby plus baseball cap

For more details on the Lensbaby 3G and other Lensbabies products, go to http://lensbabies.com/products/lb3g/intro


* Upload your picture to your Fotothing in the usual way.
* Tag your entry "challenge85" without spaces or quotes. A tag is sufficient to ensure your entry is submitted.
**Remember** only a single entry per Fotothing user may be entered.


Simply click on this link http://www.fotothing.com/tag/challenge85/ to see all the entries as thumbnails.

* This Challenge will close at 11:59 pm GMT on Sunday 16th March 2008 and the results announced when judging has been completed.
* Only a single entry per Fotothing user name may be entered.
* By entering, you accept that should you win, your picture may be (re)displayed as the winner here on the Fotothing Challenge Page.
* Only pictures which have not previously been posted on Fotothing may be entered (the idea is to get you out and about with your camera).
* Entries must be your own work and you must own the copyright (as is the case with all Fotothing pictures).
* To enter the Challenge, post your photo in the usual way, and enter the word "challenge85" (no spaces or quotes) as one of your tags (you may add other tags as well).
* The judges' decision is final.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 18 2008 18:16 GMT glassica
WoW!!! Now we talking..... =0)
Feb 19 2008 00:14 GMT abojovna PRO
WoW! This is difficult but interesting Challenge!
Feb 19 2008 05:44 GMT LisaSam67
oh this is just a sweet challenge!!!!!!! I'm IN!
Feb 19 2008 06:01 GMT Haw59 PRO
Oh this is going to be fun. Thank you so much for doing this.
Feb 19 2008 07:00 GMT FeatherBirdLady
Looks to be an excellent challenge. Thank you for another opportunity :)
Feb 19 2008 08:29 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
This is an interesting and exciting challenge - I'd better start blurring!
Feb 19 2008 21:43 GMT Pueo PRO
wow a lensbaby! Now, if only I a DSLR ;).
Feb 20 2008 10:20 GMT DIGITALOOKING
thats so cool :) we have sponsor here :)
Feb 20 2008 23:54 GMT stuboy
Any chance of getting Carlsberg to sponsor the next challenge ?
Feb 21 2008 21:43 GMT seemolf
Carlsberg has a good method of "blurring" too! ;-) love the idea!

Feb 22 2008 16:12 GMT Riek
good this will be fun
Feb 23 2008 11:24 GMT pp11364
Feb 26 2008 00:54 GMT mavik
WOW! That's one challenge everybody would like to join for sure!!!
Feb 27 2008 16:51 GMT rafaelm
OMG @.@
Mar 02 2008 06:26 GMT Ichthus1968
prizes? Whoa
Mar 10 2008 17:05 GMT Challenge PRO
Don't forget that your entries must be new pictures, so I'm afraid that all those which were uploaded before the challenge was even set will not be considered. The idea is to get you out and about with your camera.


Mar 10 2008 18:18 GMT LisaSam67
so....... they have one of these at our local photography shoppe and I played with it the other day

very very cool little gadget
Mar 11 2008 01:41 GMT PhotoPro PRO
30 days notice and I still forget - grrrrrrrrrrrr
Mar 11 2008 02:40 GMT LisaSam67
lol get on it Bill!
Mar 16 2008 19:44 GMT Pueo PRO
Hmm I wonder what the results are.
Mar 17 2008 03:53 GMT mqn
When can i expect the results?
Mar 17 2008 18:03 GMT Nodster
Good luck everyone!
Mar 18 2008 13:38 GMT Challenge PRO
The panel are looking over all the entries as we speak. It will take a few days as we are liaising with Lensbabies for the judging. Watch this space....
Mar 19 2008 21:27 GMT ducati999
look forward to seeing results! should be interesting
Mar 20 2008 20:22 GMT LisaSam67
hehe i bought one today! fun little toy it is!
Mar 21 2008 10:43 GMT Pueo PRO
Couldn't wait to see if you won one Lisa?
Mar 22 2008 12:20 GMT VANILLAxxxTIGER
when will we know the winners does anyone know
Mar 22 2008 22:24 GMT Nodster
Drum is still rolling............
Mar 23 2008 10:16 GMT tyninca
still waiting hahaha
Mar 23 2008 21:24 GMT ducati999
hmmm the suspense is killing me lol
Mar 24 2008 07:12 GMT VANILLAxxxTIGER
I think it's killing everyone
Mar 24 2008 07:50 GMT mqn
hmm.. :(
Mar 24 2008 08:05 GMT ssamshad
Don't killing me please
Mar 24 2008 19:45 GMT jenylew
Heh heh - Helloooooo?????
Mar 25 2008 15:41 GMT santaslittlehelper
Still waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 26 2008 07:25 GMT Rajeeb
may be the Lensbaby is not ready yet....lol
Mar 26 2008 07:59 GMT mqn
No pbm. Dont hesitate to announce my name :)
Mar 27 2008 09:56 GMT glassica
Come on!!!!
Mar 27 2008 14:32 GMT Naufraga
Considerando que hay gente de todo el mundo, debería poner las reglas en más de un idioma. Ya que los que no manejamos el inglés a la perfección nos perdemos de algunos detalles, como por ejemplo que las fotos no podía haber sido subidas antes. Ahora quedamos fuera del concurso!!!
Muy mal!!
Mar 27 2008 21:54 GMT Pueo PRO
tick tick tick?
Mar 27 2008 22:32 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Pueo...exactly. I was going to put the same thing. Got a smile out of me that you put it!
Mar 28 2008 01:49 GMT kellsis
ohhhh I cant wait.....I know I wont win it but I really am anxious to see who does...I have my own pick for winner! And Im ready for another challenge too!!!! Im too impatient for this.lol
Mar 31 2008 00:40 GMT Naufraga
Qué bueno saber que leen mis comentarios!! y sobre todo su amable respuesta!!