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Thank you to everyone who participated in Challenge 77 "Round". We had a huge number of beautifully creative entries to sort through and it took us a while to make up our minds!


Kirean is this weeks overall winner thanks to this stunning and original parachute capture. A great composition that wonderfully exemplifies the theme. We strongly recommend viewing the original size version!!

As well as Kieran's winning photo being shown above. You can see the original version and comments here:

Second place this week is awarded to Angelikka for her amazing underwater-style bubbles shot, which elegantly captures the theme and makes the light dance around the picture.

In third place is Bennystr for this unusual but brilliant picture of a fairground ride. As he said, it’s all about the perspective!



The Honourable Mentions go to six Fotothing members this week; we tried to find as many different interpretations on the theme as possible. In no particular order:

Guitar14’s round tomatoes, contrasting with the straight-edged chunks of feta in the background.

ThorBeverley’s round statue seen through the round window of a rose garden.

Staying on the spyhole theme, Arun gave us this interesting array of rounded view points.

Pondy’s clearly captured bubble is just perfect.

The perspective on the bagel shot from Iomanla is spot on and just oozing with roundness.

And finally, Jaro showed us how a little bit too much Guinness can play tricks on your eyes. Glasses can’t really hover in the air like that, can they?


Well done to everybody and thanks to all who took part. We really did enjoy looking at all of those and arguing over our favourites!

To see the all the entries visit: http://www.fotothing.com/tag/challenge77/

Challenge78 to follow soon….
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 20 2007 10:24 GMT maguzz
congratulations to the winners, but as i can read in the "Technical Details" of the third place, the picture was uploaded a few hours after the finishing at 11:59 GMT on Monday 13th Aug ... ?!? ... what about the rules ?

i think, that the jury should check this infos better in the future ...
Aug 20 2007 10:40 GMT Pueo PRO
congratulations to all the winners!
Aug 20 2007 11:08 GMT DIGITALOOKING
congratulations FT friends and challenge77 winners. :)
Aug 20 2007 11:29 GMT abojovna PRO
My best comgratulations to Kirean and to all winner!
Aug 20 2007 12:32 GMT Challenge PRO
Maguzz and Rebelion,

The challenge closed at midnight on monday 13th August, Bennystr's picture was entered at 6pm on monday 13th August so it is perfectly valid.


Aug 20 2007 12:58 GMT Grimacher PRO
A well deserved winner.

I can see where the mix up with the deadline has occurred. 11.59 would suggest that the challenge ends just before noon, not midnight, on the 13th.

However, Bennystr still takes a worthy 3rd place (imo) :)
Aug 20 2007 13:01 GMT Bali
Congratulation to all the winners!!!!!!!!!:)
Aug 20 2007 13:01 GMT Anjelikka
Thank you so much....that is quite an honor :)
Aug 20 2007 14:51 GMT Challenge PRO
I can assure you that we always check the date and time on the entries when judging them. Often there are some great photos which we cannot use because they have been entered either too early or too late. It currently says 11.59 pm (not am) but we can change this to the 24 hr clock if it will help.
Aug 20 2007 14:53 GMT sini
Congratulations to all winners!!:))
Aug 20 2007 15:01 GMT Kermit11
congrats to everyone!!!!!!
Aug 20 2007 15:07 GMT maguzz
thanx Challenge, that would probably help to bring sunlight into the darkness ...

.................................................................................. ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
Aug 20 2007 16:09 GMT kirean
Thanks for all nice reactions. Congratulations for all winners and nominated colleges. I'm very happy with the honor. See you next time.
By the way, my entry isn't a parachute, it is an hot air balloon who was preparing his lift off. I hope I'm still the winner now... :)
Aug 20 2007 17:02 GMT FeatherBirdLady
CONGRATULATIONS TO KIREAN! What a wonderful image!! And to all others who were mentioned, too....

NOTE TO maguzz - the original photo was uploaded Aug. 12 according to the date-time stamp: at 14:00 (give or take several minutes) GMT - click the link. Hope that helped.
Aug 20 2007 19:24 GMT TRICKS4U
That is an amazing shot!!!
Good choice, difficult I'm sure, but brilliant!!!!
Aug 20 2007 21:29 GMT Ruedi PRO
My best congratulations to all winners!
Aug 21 2007 17:36 GMT Satto
Congrats to all the winner....:-)
Aug 27 2007 01:57 GMT Studio88
Feb 07 2008 15:25 GMT tendresse
wery good shot!
Jan 18 2015 22:56 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 22:56 GMT Fotothing PRO
Jan 18 2015 22:56 GMT Fotothing PRO