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Thank you to everyone who participated in Challenge 87 "Viewpoint". 



Thank you to everyone who participated in Challenge 87 "Viewpoint".


In first place this week is pc57. There were many stunning views amongst the entries but we particularly liked this picture because there is so much to look at in it. The composition makes the best use of the great vantage point in which to take in the beauty of the landscape below and the result is an artful interpretation of the theme.

pc57’s winning photo is shown above; you can see the original version here in all its glory:


Angusimages is runner-up this week with this moody and dramatic interpretation of the theme. The view in this one is in stark contrast to the one shown in pc57’s picture but is no less breathtaking in its impression.


In third place is Sini for his bird’s eye view of a sea of faces and cameras firmly fixed on the subject flying right at them. There is brightness to this picture which uses light and shade effectively to highlight the white body of the bird.



We have chosen 7 impressive Honourable Mentions this week. In no particular order:

Studio88’s lifeguard with the best view in all the Bahamas.


Gafaway’s front-row seat for a dramatic wave show


ThorBeverley’s colourful collection of rooftop viewing points


Seraphael’s multi-lens perspective on a papal visit


Jimster’s snowy husky mobile.


Znacke’s net portrait


And finally, Linnyw’s bovine star-gazers



Thanks for taking part and well done for taking some excellent photographs.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 12 2008 13:52 GMT Sheila PRO
Some really excellent work among this list. Well done, judges!
Jun 12 2008 15:17 GMT martini957
Some mighty fine point of views....CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE : ))
Jun 12 2008 15:34 GMT sini
Congrats to all! I'm happy with the third place!:)
Jun 12 2008 20:32 GMT mariolina
congrats to all winners!!!! :-)))
Jun 13 2008 01:35 GMT Studio88
Congratulations to All Winners ;-))
Jun 13 2008 18:52 GMT Carlimauda
Congrats to all winners
Jun 14 2008 22:00 GMT Haw59 PRO
Congratulations to all.
Jun 14 2008 23:14 GMT smuuuf
some definately deserve it more than others among these 10... and some would better be replaced by others not even mentioned... but that's just my opinion. congrats anyway
Jun 15 2008 18:23 GMT litz
Jun 17 2008 21:09 GMT suorpaola
congratulations to all winners !!!
Jun 24 2008 22:27 GMT Wuppitt
Lovely photographs and interpretations. Well done to all.
Jun 26 2008 06:24 GMT Pueo PRO
very nice... what's the next challenge?
Jul 03 2008 11:44 GMT kellsis
happy for all you winners!!! Now next challenge please....I look forward to these it gives me something to look for!
Jul 08 2008 07:34 GMT pp11364
Interesting viewpoint.
Jul 09 2008 21:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
so many awesome entries

Congratulations to all the winners.