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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge82 "Distortion". We’ve really enjoyed sifting through all...


Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge82 "Distortion". We’ve really enjoyed sifting through all the entries to see how you all decided to interpret the theme.


Our overall winner this week is Danisto. We felt that this was a really strong image and we kept coming back to it; it’s a simple shot but is successful at twisting the perspective so that you get 3 different views of the pencil. Congratulations Danisto!

The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Second place this week goes to ltzEZ2b53. Again, we thought this was simple but brilliant. Make sure you view it in the original so you can see the reflection in the iron.


In third place is Santaslittlehelper for this donut shot. A frenetic, distorted perspective has been created by clever use of the camera’s shutter and zoom.



We have chosen 7 honourable mentions this week. In no particular order:

Sini’s half-wiped windscreen window:


Mersant’s wet and windy woman:


Shorty140’s faceless Guinness drinker:


Maxelkat’s restless crowd captured on a cameraphone:


Pea2007’s beautifully distorted landscape:


Pasifae’s crowd in a tuba:


And finally, Janthony’s photo-shy subject:



Well done everybody, thanks for providing us with such a great variety of entries.

Watch this space for Challenge83….
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2007 17:01 GMT maxelkat
Thanks muchly for the honourable mention :))))))))))))))
Nov 22 2007 17:04 GMT sini
Congrats to all winners and thanks for the honourable mention!:)
Nov 22 2007 17:26 GMT ItzEZ2b53
Congrats sini!
Nov 22 2007 21:17 GMT santaslittlehelper
Thanks guys for 3rd place . Congrats 2 all and untill the next challenge !!
Nov 22 2007 21:18 GMT mersant
Congratulations to all winners! :D
Nov 22 2007 21:52 GMT abojovna PRO
My best congratulation to all winner in Challenge 82!
Nov 23 2007 00:49 GMT Pueo PRO
yay congrats!
Nov 23 2007 06:03 GMT DIGITALOOKING
Congrats to winners and to my friend sini. :)
Nov 23 2007 09:01 GMT danisto
I was really surprised this morning, you put a big smile on my face, thank you!!! Also thank you all for your comments and congratulations to all participiants!!!
Nov 23 2007 11:37 GMT sene
Congratulations to all. Way to go Sini!
Nov 25 2007 01:15 GMT Studio88
Dec 05 2007 06:17 GMT Pea2007
Sorry I am a bit late but I was fighting rain for two weeks in England.
Thanks for the honourable mention and all the nice comments, you are a great lot.
Dec 08 2007 03:02 GMT kellsis
do we have a new competition yet? Im ready with a new camera!
Dec 08 2007 17:09 GMT smuuuf
no new challenge?
Dec 11 2007 10:53 GMT Challenge PRO
Sorry for the delay, we'll be announcing a new one shortly.