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Thank you to everyone who participated in Challenge 78 "Angles".   As usual there was a large arr...


Thank you to everyone who participated in Challenge 78 "Angles". As usual there was a large array of high quality entries for us to ponder on.


Jakeobean is this week’s overall winner with this sunbed shot. We like this because it’s a striking composition and excellently shot; simple but very very effective. The runway of angled chairs draws your eyes right into the corner of the picture and makes for an overall impressive set-up. Well done Jakeobean!

As well as Jakeobean's winning photo being shown above, you can see the original version and comments here:

Second place this week is awarded to Csabi for a superb underside of a green bridge. Csabi incorporates the theme both in the perspective from which he has taken the picture and the numerous angles displayed in the subject.

In third place is Sayalio with an inspired choice of photograph. The girl’s arms, the water jets and the wooden bench slats inject a life into this well-angled shot.



The Honourable Mentions go to seven Fotothing members this week; the original short list was much longer but we had to be ruthless!

LisaSam67 did a fantastic job with this vertigo-inducing building shot:

Digitalooking’s angles are clear in the line of sea and the perspective of the shot:

Damansara’s angular tower block contrasts nicely with the dark background:

Felixthecat must’ve had the camera deep in the undergrowth to get this superb macro:

ThorBeverley’s pylon reaching into the sky:

WarSurFeR’s acutely-angled papaya tree:

And last, but not least, Smuuuf’s wayward trainers!


Well done to everybody and thanks to all who took part. Perusing your pictures was a real pleasure!

To see the all the entries visit: http://www.fotothing.com/tag/challenge78/

Watch this space for Challenge79….
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 06 2007 18:28 GMT LisaSam67
Well done!!!!! Thx for the H.M.
Sep 06 2007 20:37 GMT Crowy
Well done everyone !!!!
Sep 06 2007 21:18 GMT jaspinheiro
A very nice set of photos.
Sep 07 2007 00:56 GMT linnywv PRO
Congratulations Jake!!!!!
Sep 07 2007 05:56 GMT senna3
Congratulations Jake, a well-earned first prize!
Sep 07 2007 20:32 GMT smuuuf
thx for the mention and congrats to the others!
Sep 08 2007 00:12 GMT cameo
Congratulations, I'm delighted to see that you won, specially because all the pictures were of great quality!
Sep 08 2007 21:00 GMT Anjelikka
Congratulations to all...wonderful entries
Sep 09 2007 15:14 GMT vilmaite
Great jobs!! congratulations to all !!!
Sep 09 2007 16:13 GMT sini
Congratulations to all!:)
Oct 05 2007 02:21 GMT pictureofperfection
great shot