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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge81 "Urban Scenes". I know we often say this, but we reall...


Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge81 "Urban Scenes". I know we often say this, but we really did find it hard judging this week’s challenge because there were so many excellent photographs for us to choose from. You took the theme and ran with it and came up with some real corkers. The scenes you have shown us gave us a great snapshot of Urban FT life.


We have chosen StevenF’s picture as this week’s overall winner. Grafitti is a familiar sight to most people who live in a city and Steven has managed to make it look colourful and decorative as a frame to the steps. It is a well-balanced, well-lit portrait of urban life. Congratulations Steven!

The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Glo gets second place this week with this portrait of sprawling rooftops in Mexico. What struck us about this was the abundance of colour amidst a display of homes which appear, from a distance, to all be very similar.
Glo’s picture is representative of others which interpreted the theme in same way and we liked those too.

In third place is ElektrikBlue for this snapshot of a lone man oblivious to the life that is going on around him. A clever use of colour separates the subject from the urban setting.



We have chosen 8 honourable mentions this week, all of which we thought were excellent! We recommend looking at them all in original size to get the full effect.

Misterrie’s vast Malaysian sky-line:

Olympe’s indoor urban escalator:

Thea’s Italian traffic jam:

Bojtorjan’s busy Seattle scene:

SamWiseWoahZay’s abandoned car park:

Mariolina’s view from above:

MLV’s commute at dusk:

And finally, Zamo’s dark and dramatic rooftops:


Well done everybody, give yourselves a big pat on the back!

Watch this space for Challenge82….
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Nov 01 2007 14:12 GMT caferr
Nov 01 2007 14:42 GMT marbon
great shot
Nov 01 2007 15:58 GMT DIGITALOOKING
congrats to all the winners. :)))
Nov 01 2007 15:59 GMT DIGITALOOKING
im waiting for a portrait challenge! :))
Nov 01 2007 19:57 GMT StevenF
Thanks to everyone, and for choosing my photograph. It means a lot to me!!!
Nov 01 2007 21:30 GMT Nodster
well deserved winner
Nov 02 2007 00:37 GMT Studio88
Congratulations to All!!!
Nov 02 2007 02:47 GMT misterrie
For the 1st time, my entry included into 8 honourable mention for this challenges....

and... for the next, I wanted to win for overalllllll.....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (mister rie become evil, somebody must shoot him)
Nov 02 2007 04:39 GMT jomoud PRO
Congrats to ALL the entrants!!!!!!
Nov 02 2007 05:10 GMT domesticfix PRO
Congrats to all !! Great images ..
Nov 02 2007 06:53 GMT bagiggio
One of the best Challenge!! Beautiful pics!
Nov 02 2007 07:09 GMT sini
Congrats to all winners!:)
Nov 02 2007 12:05 GMT ElektrikBlue PRO
As a winner i congratulate all participants. Great photos (=
Nov 03 2007 20:32 GMT Peixy
Congratulations !!!!!!!!
Nov 04 2007 16:41 GMT Znuber
Congratulations for all who participated and to the winners and the nominated - I know it's a bit late but I had problems with my computer. Better late than never:-)))
Nov 06 2007 01:30 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Well done all. *claps hands*
Nov 06 2007 21:17 GMT elja
Congratulations to all winners!
Nov 07 2007 04:14 GMT kellsis
congrats to the winners! Now Im ready for the next challenge!!!!!
Nov 11 2007 15:17 GMT fsmir5
Congratulations to All
Nov 16 2007 12:41 GMT malo
Feb 01 2008 15:24 GMT palakol
Awesome Composition.. c",)
Jun 18 2008 21:49 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great shot!