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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge89 "Odd One Out". We enjoyed browsing all the ‘odd’ pictu...

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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge89 "Odd One Out". We enjoyed browsing all the ‘odd’ pictures.


Our overall winner this week is Brontz for this great image of a seagull being slightly intimidated by 4 bigger birds. This has strong colours in it and is expertly composed, down to the scary expression on the bird in the centre of the picture, just daring the photographer to get closer! Well done Brontz!

The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Second place is awarded to Stuboy for his rogue can of lager trying to hide amongst a magnificent parade of shiny Carlsbergs. We commend him for the obvious effort that has gone into preparing for it!


In third place is tosh116 with another cheerful picture, this one of a cheeky boy being the odd one out in this line-up. We love the contrasts made here, not only with the boy’s gesture but also with his non-conformist clothes.



We have chosen 6 Honourable Mentions this week. In no particular order:

Litz’s bright and juicy blackberries image:

Littleollie’s grazing lambs:

Reckge’s batteries:

Ciekee’s defiant grape which has ripened before the rest of the bunch:

Megmet’s colourful costumes:

And finally, Laura’s sleeping snail:

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Aug 20 2008 17:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Congratulation to all winners!
Aug 20 2008 18:21 GMT Carlimauda
Congrats to all winners!
Aug 20 2008 19:29 GMT lynnj04
congratulations to everyone :-))
Aug 20 2008 19:56 GMT yvon
for everyone congratulations
Aug 20 2008 21:21 GMT Alhadi
Great work :))
Aug 20 2008 21:42 GMT stuboy
Oh bugger, I just missed out on 3rd place !
Aug 21 2008 02:16 GMT Studio88
Congratulations To All The Winners ;-))
Aug 21 2008 09:14 GMT Laura1
Congratulations To All The Winners
Aug 21 2008 13:53 GMT tosh116
I feel k in the 3rd Place !!! Cant stop smilin :)) Tks Finally i got it...
Aug 21 2008 17:43 GMT sini
Congrats to all winners!:)
Aug 21 2008 20:07 GMT craftybutterfly
Congrats everyone!
Aug 25 2008 09:36 GMT brontz
Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments.
Aug 27 2008 20:12 GMT pauli3522
Aug 31 2008 13:13 GMT felixdakilla
great shot
Sep 01 2008 22:11 GMT Pueo PRO
great photos... congrats all
Jan 17 2009 21:37 GMT fletrik
great pic
Feb 09 2009 02:26 GMT kumarr
Wonderful Image !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 08 2010 14:12 GMT victerrado
it's simply amazing....... wheeeewww........
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