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Thanks everyone for your patience, the judging has taken place and the winners have been decided....

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Thanks everyone for your patience, the judging has taken place and the winners have been decided. The professionals at Lensbabies (as well as the usual FT panel) have pored over all the entries and RememberRonni is the overall winner for the picture displayed above and therefore wins the Lensbaby 3G, the Lensbaby accessory bundle and a baseball cap.


Congratulations RememberRonni! The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Lensbabies said: RememberRonni’s image combines engaging composition, motion blur, movements in multiple directions and several planes of subject matter. This image kept drawing us in through both the small thumbnail and the larger image. You feel close to something bigger than yourself when you view this image.

Second place goes to Kyrieleyson, who wins the Lensbaby 2.0, macro kit, the Lenspen pro and a baseball cap


Lensbabies said: Kyrieleyson 's image as a portrait would be an engaging photograph without blur, the blur in this image brings it into a place where eye contact is more pleasant and there is a depth that emanates from the blur that adds mystery to this image.

Jagged is third this week and his picture has earned him the Original Lensbaby plus (of course!) a baseball cap

Lensbabies said: Jagged's image is compelling and interests on an aesthetic level in its technical perfection.


Honourable Mentions

This has a tender, genuine connection to the subject through her fingers which are the focal point of this image and provide a sense of immediacy and speak of a significant real-life moment which we are left to imagine.

This image invites you in, wishing you were there to enjoy the sunset and the smell of the grass. Seeing only the very close grass in detail simplifies and increases the sense of potential to being in this place.


The colour is what strikes you with this picture, the vibrant red and green. The composition and the lighting together form an attractive overall image.


David has produced a beautiful image; the background blur accentuates the sharpness of the colour and the shape of the holly in the foreground.


There is delicate detail in this image; the body, legs, antenna and wings on the butterfly placed in the centre of the picture are in beautiful contrast to the blurred smiling face which fills the background.


Well done to all the winners and to everyone who submitted an entry and gave us something beautiful to look at.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2008 13:07 GMT sini
Congratulations to all winners!:)
Mar 28 2008 13:15 GMT tyninca
congrats everybody
Mar 28 2008 13:25 GMT mariazinha32
congrats to all the winners :-))
Mar 28 2008 13:46 GMT Haw59 PRO
Mar 28 2008 14:02 GMT santaslittlehelper
Congratulations 2 all winners
Mar 28 2008 14:38 GMT styxpix
Well done everybody!
Mar 28 2008 15:36 GMT kellsis
yay winners!!!!! job well done!
Mar 28 2008 16:53 GMT RememberRonni
Gosh, I won. I've never won anything before. I am really thrilled. Thank you :o)
Mar 28 2008 16:54 GMT Lubranco
Congratulations all..they are all Superb !!!
Mar 28 2008 18:29 GMT Ciekee
Congratulations every winner, enjoy the basball cap..and the compliments! :-)
Mar 28 2008 20:08 GMT Wuppitt
Well done to all the winners, superb entries and diverse entries.
Mar 28 2008 21:54 GMT Pueo PRO
Congratulations to you all! Somewhat envious of the winners.
Mar 28 2008 23:26 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Congrats to all of you!! Off to check out all of the photo's mentioned.
Mar 29 2008 02:41 GMT FeatherBirdLady
WTG to the winners. I wish I had entered a newer shot! :o)
Mar 29 2008 04:06 GMT mqn
congrats everybody. good selection!
Mar 29 2008 09:10 GMT tacka
congrats to all ...

waiting for a new challenge
Mar 29 2008 16:17 GMT pp11364
My best congratulations to winners.
Mar 30 2008 21:38 GMT Nodster
Superb collection of winners and honerable mentions the standards are getting higher and higher!
Apr 14 2008 05:40 GMT smuuuf
when's the next one?
Apr 05 2011 07:32 GMT baby521

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